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26-year-old Pastor Rodney Wills was fired from his position at a North Carolina church after he was spotted at a  Rick Ross concert.

Wills was a pastor at Mt. Salem Baptist Church in North Carolina for almost four years when he was unexpectedly fired.

The deacon board voted 11 to 3 when they met to vote whether Wills should keep his job or not.

Wills was unaware of his firing until he showed up to the church and he noticed his parking sign had been removed from his usual spot.

A representative from the church said he was fired immediately because it was not his first offense. Wills attended a Lil’ Wayne concert 9 months ago that he was reprimanded for.

One of the Deacons, Deacon Miles Langley, released a statement about the firing that reads, “We cannot have our leader supporting people of this world who are tearing down the kingdom of God,” reports the Guardian Express.

Do you think it was fair for the Deacons to fire Wills?  Did he deserve to be fired?

45 thoughts on “North Carolina Pastor Fired for Attending Rick Ross Concert

  1. on said:

    It was fair for him to be voted out. He knew that when he stepped into the role of Pastoring a church that he’d be held to a higher standard. The same would apply to any person in a leadership role. For this very reason he can and will be scrutinized even moreso than his fellow members who attended the same concert. I am really surprised by those of you who have spoken in favor of such behavior. Sure, we believe that in the flesh, Jesus himself walked among the ill-repute in search of souls to save but what about this Pastor? Do you really believe that he was there to lay hands? To pray for the sick? Who was he gonna mininster to over the beat tracks? If I’m caught at the whorehouse, the casino, the crackhouse, or the dopehouse, can I then conveniently say that I was there just in case someone needed prayer? Good job to those who voted him out. You don’t have have to be a devout christian to know that rap music hinges on foul-mouthed, dehumanizing lyrics. Anyone who says otherwise is either 1) in denial 2) making a fortune from it 3) has a large collection of it or 4) believes they’re the next Kanye or 4) all the above. No, I’m not an old man, yes, I’m black. No, I’m not a deacon but I can barely stand to sit at a traffic signal with someone rap music with filthy lyrics. Why a pastor would be in attendance is beyond me.

  2. Remember, Jesus said, “I have not come to call the righteious but sinners…”
    Remember, Jesus lived and died among sinners, not saints! He died hanging between two thieves, not two deacons!

    I am convinced that Jesus would have been one of the ones at the rap concert!
    Remember, the church people who demanded Jesus’ execution did so out of the fact that Jesus, like the young pastor who was fired–hung out in the wrong place, with sinners! They said he kept bad company! He did not meet their expectations!

    Think about it again— He not only died for sinners–He died With sinners-at the demand of “Saints.”
    I’ve been hanging with sinners for 40 years now! I love them!

  3. Some person in certain jobs are held at a higher standards and being a pastor is one of them so they were justified firing him.

  4. I disagree!
    I am a pastor, for 38 years!
    The concert is the kind of place Jesus would be found!
    The young pastor needed to be there- he need to know what the young people of his generation is listening to! That’s what makes a great preacher- one who is in touch with his own generation!
    You must remember, it was was not sinners, but “church people” who demanded Jesus be put to deat for hanging out with sinners! Something to think about!

    • You are aware that they make cds, right? If he wanted to know what the young people of his generation are listening to he could turn on the radio, borrow a cd, stop at a stop light in the hood or go to one of his parishioner’s house. But then, he wouldn’t enjoy the atmosphere nearly as much, ya’ think?

  5. MzVee on said:

    The church/deacons appointed this young man (probably because he could “whoop & holler”)! Next time allow God to send your leaders. We need wise spiritual leaders and they come from being “seasoned” in God’s Word. Just because you can preach doesn’t mean you’re called to Pastor. I wouldn’t want a 26 year old as my spiritual leader and counselor. #ittakeswisdom.notseasonedenough

  6. William Pree on said:

    Yes , The are right to get his ass out of the church …. Need more real pastors in the church … Get those fake ass fucks out … Much Bay Area love .. OG

  7. Christianity is such a hypocritical faith. These divine fearing deacons didn’t have the decency to tell him to his face.

  8. Wildflower on said:

    Rappers get a bad rap. They are just human beings trying to make a living. They don’t make up this stuff they are rapping about they are just putting a spotlight on what is already happening in this world. So if you want to condemn anyone look in the mirror first.

  9. Wildflower on said:

    Rap comes from the black community so that alone is what makes it sooooo bad. There is never any talk about the lyrics of heavy metal or those that perform it as we do with rappers. So tell me why do we not consider Steven King or James Patterson’s creative expressions of violence, rape and murder bad. Would he have been fired had he enjoyed watching any of the sexually explicit, bad language and adult content movies. Black people rap is as much a part of our culture as our color. Don’t allow society to turn you against who you are and dictate what is socially acceptable or not.

    • You don’t hear anything negative about heavy metal or acid rock because most blacks don’t know anything about it, plus most black kids are not influenced by those music genres. And as far as reading James Pattertson or Stephen King, hell, we’d probably be pleased if they just read – anything.

  10. lorraine on said:

    Really? Fired?
    He is a YOUNG pastor. This is America not Iran- he is not an ayatollah.
    WE as black Christians need to stop being religious and focus more on spirituality. Next thing you know the black church is going to suggest women don’t wear makeup or pants….oh wait

  11. D.James on said:

    There is a code of conduct that comes with different jobs. The pastor had been reprimanded once. He knew the potential consequences. But he chose to go anyway… He pays the price for his bad decision. Move on. It’s not the end of the world. He can continue to pastor…just not there.

  12. Billy on said:


  13. The DOC on said:

    This is simple to solve. All he has to do is bring people from the concert he witnessed to about Jesus when he was at the concert to vouch for him. I don’t see the problem here, unless of course he has no one that can vouch that this is what he was doing….(Too young for authority.)

  14. Mercy on said:

    Yes, Jesus walked among sinners to save them not to support their ways. Also, a pastor is a pastor ALL the time EVERYWHERE he goes. There is no taking off the pastor hat. Once you put it on…it’s on! My question is….who saw him at the concert and what happened to them???

    • Mercy on said:

      yes…he walked among sinners…to save them. This Pastor ATTENDED the concert, it didnt say he was outside preaching the gospel. We all know he was inside reciting “lyrics” that had nothing to do with saving one’s soul. He can like rap…there is such a thing as Gospel Rap!!

  15. John 17:15. “I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil one.” Jesus also said, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” (Matthew 10:16) He clearly intended that we be in the world, and associate with those in the world. How else could we teach them about the Messiah? #ijs

    • Mercy on said:

      This Pastor was a sheep in the midst of the wolves at this concert? REALLY? Or was he a wolf? We both know he was wolfin it up. Dont play. Do you think he approached ANYONE to talk about the glory of God? Wise as serpents and harmless as doves. AKA-know the ways of the world to keep yourself safe but do not support things that are harmful and damaging to others. I dont know Rick Ross’ music, but I looked at the lyrics of one of his songs…um..yeah ’nuff said.

      • Wildflower on said:

        It’s not what you say, because I know a lot of ministers & preachers that will talk you to death about the gospel while at the same time sending pic of his dic to young girls. It’s how you live. If this man is out and about among potential members of the church it’s not what he says but how he lives. And him being at an event doesn’t make him a wolf nor does it make those attending any less love by God than those claiming to be highly favored. My God isn’t that petty and if he can forgive us and not judge us who are these wolves in sheep clothing to judge him.

  16. SayWhat on said:

    The pastor has every right to attend a Rick Ross concert just like the deacons had the right to show his butt the door. It was their call to decide if they wanted him representing their church.

    He needs to go open up his own store front church and then he can do what the heck we wants to do. There is a code of conduct for all jobs. People have been fired or not even hired for stuff that’s out on facebook.

    • Wildflower on said:

      And blacks are considered to be inferior to other races but does it make it right?Had we accepted the way things were we would be where we are today. Think about that!

  17. Debbie on said:

    Yeah, he should be fired. That isn’t one of the best concerts to be at. He should have held out to become a pastor.

  18. Imosoreal on said:

    A whole lot of sermons could be hatched from attending any rap concert. Are they saying the pastor is not saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit because he likes rap? They sound like the Sadducees and Pharisees in days of old. He should not have been fired or reprimanded. I bet God/Jesus enjoys rap music — He gave them the heart and mind to create it. Like anything else it’s all in how you use it. Preachers rap every Sunday minus the cursing. Poor pastor — I’m sure he’ll get a flock fit for his calling one day.

  19. TODD BRIDGES on said:

    I THINK THIS IS OVER REACHING. WHERE does his personal life begin and the profession stop? Its for the best that he move on….This is probably one of those dying churches anyway, where the clergy is out of touch with the youth and unable to relate to them and bring them into the church….

  20. charles mason on said:

    Oh, the congregation can attend church to hear how God ordered the murders of thousands of innocent people, including women and children… commits genocide, places people in bondage, gives certain men hundreds of concubines(women), intolerant of other people beliefs, discriminates against women… What are rappers saying that you can’t fine in the bible or in the church… Tell me who is the worst.

  21. Beloved Love on said:

    Jesus walked among his Flock, which includes EVERYONE, This church is judgemental and it’s lamp will be put our, for they are scattering God’s flock with man’s judgement. Let he without sin cast the first stone. When God closes a door it is to take you to a better place, Move on Pastor, this congregation does not deserve you!

  22. I am not sure what Rick Ross music is about but my pastor attended a Patti LaBelle concert only because his wife wanted to go. You know, you can’t disappoint the Misses. But if this pastor had already been reprimanded once, he knew the consequences. As a pastor and people in general, you cannot straddle the fence.

    • Wildflower on said:

      Not everyone is willing to just lay down and except injustices as you are. Thank God for people like MLK that wasn’t willing during his time. And I’m glad that we have people that will rebel when they feel they have been treated unfairly.

  23. charles mason on said:

    In this world, to many people, this man of God shouldn’t be caught at such concerts, but Lil wayne and Rick Ross have just as much chance of getting into heaven than Dr. King and Mother Teressa. God doesn’t see things as we do. When the churches stop preaching violent and intolerance, then it can talk.

    • It is God the one who Judges and as long as Rappers are breathing they still have a chance to be saved .our job is to witness to the world of the saving grace of Christ Jesus and stop pointing fingers because we have all sin and come short in our walk with Christ the church made up their mind ,although i would have told him first if the way how MANY CHRISTIANS WATCH R RATED MOVIES ???????

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