A doctor pressing a stethoscope against his male patient's back

Get Tested

In addition to other tests that your doctor may recommend based on your health status, here are the screening tests that men over the age of 30 should be getting:

• Waist Circumference: Central obesity is best measured by waist circumference and is an indicator of the possible risk of diabetes, high cholesterol. High blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

• Blood Pressure Screening: Heart disease, stroke, and kidney failure are the most common complications of untreated high blood pressure. High blood pressure can also lead to erectile dysfunction. 40% of African-American adults have high blood pressure and less than 30% of them have treatment for it.

• Cholesterol: Many African-Americans have an increased risk of heart disease and cholesterol screening should begin at age 20. Assuming cholesterol levels are normal, they should be checked every 5 years thereafter.

• EKG: An EKG is a test used to check for changes in the electrical activity of the heart. Issues pertaining to the heart such as damage to the heart muscle, enlargement of the heart, heart murmurs/rhythm problems can all be detected by using an EKG.

• Vitamin D: Statistic on the rates of vitamin D deficiency in African-Americans varies widely from 60% to over 90%. Vitamin D levels are helpful in protecting against high blood pressure, diabetes, certain cancers, multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases.

A man and his doctor sitting in the doctor's office, discussing a chart

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