What if your loved one is avoiding going to the doctor?

Below are two tips that can help men take the leap:

Let him know that their life matters. Express to your loved ones how important it is to you for them to be around for family and friends and more importantly for you. Often times, men feel as though they are too busy providing for their families and can’t take the time to make their health a priority.  Let them know they can’t afford NOT to. If we encourage our men to increase their expectations for longevity, they can have a greater appreciation for living a longer and healthier life.

Use analogies they can relate to. Remind him that his health is very much like a car.  It’s important to do regularly scheduled maintenance to keep it running, as it should.  Just as he is willing to get oil changes and tune-ups regularly, make sure he visits his doctor to tune up his body, and check under his hood.

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