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TJMS’ own Sybil Wilkes interviews Wil Haygood, writer at The Washington Post and author of “The Butler: A Witness to History.” The book details the life of long-time White House butler, Eugene Allen. Allen served as White House butler from the Truman administration to the Reagan administration.

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2 thoughts on “‘The Butler: A Witness to History’: Sybil Wilkes Interviews Author Wil Haygood

  1. Great interview Sybil!!! I just listened to it, and can’t wait to read all of Hagood’s books. I was not aware of him before now. I’m an avid reader, and so surprised that I had never heard of him. I hope his books are on audio/CD. I love listening to books on CD because it’s so animated. You may, or may not know that not many people read these days. Not to brag; but you know we are part of a special group. It’s been reported that only about 5% or 6% of the population reads a book from cover to cover these days. Thanks for the interview, and the insight!!

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