Sybil Wilkes discusses today’s news headlines including the latest on the Riley Cooper fallout.

One thought on “Sybil Wilkes with the News Headlines

  1. This word has way too much power over us Sybil. By now we shound all know and understand how and why this word was use on us for all these years. Look we as a people have a responsibility to make better the world we live in to. So we really need to STOP giving this word so much Damn Power! It’s used as a setback, a smoke screen, a distraction and we just gotta stop allowing this pattern to continue. I feel embarrised to still see any human react this way after all these years. Sure I know what the word represents and how And why it was use. But come on now, is this really how we want oue futre humans to look back on us. As a people who let something so stupid rule them for so long? It’s like this one little word has everybody stuck in the quicksand. And you know what Isaac Hayes said, ) The more you wiggle the deeper you sinc…..

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