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We recently reported that Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade wouldn’t allow his now ex-wife Siohvaugh Funches to have visitation with their sons.

Wade doesn’t think she’s in her right mind. And based on the photo below, a lot of folks are in agreement with him. But more importantly, a judge doesn’t and has sided with Funches.

According to Jose Lambiet’s South Florida based Gossip Extra, Dwyane Wade was ordered by a judge in Miami-Dade County to immediately surrender his two boys to their mother, Siohvaughn Funches.

The judge, Antonio Marin, came to the decision after what was reported to be a sometimes heated three-hour hearing this afternoon. Originally Judge Marin had only scheduled 30 minutes to discuss the issue.

Marin also ordered Funches to undergo an evaluation to determine whether she has anger management issues.

Wade was supposed to make the two boys, Zaire and Zion, available to his ex last week as part of their routine summer visitations.

Despite the fact that Wade has full custody, Funches has frequent visits with the children. In summer, she’s supposed to get them for two weeks a month.

But last week, instead of bringing the kids to Funches as planned, the ballplayer’s Miami lawyers filed an emergency motion to prevent further visits.

They also asked that Funches undergo psychological evaluation after Funches staged a strange sit-in protest in her native Chicago.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Dwyane Wade Ordered to Allow Ex-Wife Access to their Sons

  1. Do we always follow the crowd, or is it still okay to hold on to our beliefs? on said:

    Regardless to if she is a little coo coo, or not, the in-fighting is getting old. When did he realize that she was crazy and when did she realize that he wasn’t a good father? They are both starting to look ridiculous with the back and forth.

  2. 2Classy4U on said:

    Dwyane Wade can’t diagnose someone as crazy, because he has money and power. Those kids know the truth, and he may end up old alone and broke in the end. You reap what you sow brother!!!

  3. Debbie on said:

    I’m glad she has to get mentally evaluated. This chick seems nuts. I hope she doesn’t hurt the kids trying to piss Dwayne off. You know there are some crazy ass women out here just like there are crazy ass men.

  4. jmej on said:

    Give that lady her children!!!! Just because he has found success with basketball, and gotten all “brand new” with his new woman, you cannot just replace their biological mother like that. I might be going kind of crazy too, if someone just took my kids away from me, and attempted to replace me as their mother. THAT IS WRONG

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