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Charles Ramsey will always be known for his heroic rescue of the three women in Cleveland that had been in the custody of kidnapper Ariel Castro.  But he didn’t accept any monetary rewards.  He declined and asked that all monies be given to the women that were held in custody.

But Ramsey has thought of another way to get money for his fame by trademarking his name and using his name for commercial ventures.  According to the Smoking Gun:

 “The 43-year-old Ramsey’s USPTO applications–which cost a combined $1650–cover several different kinds of products, including “Halloween costumes and masks sold in connection therewith,” bracelets, t-shirts, and shoes.”

Not only that, Ramsey has launched a website,, that is centered on all things Charles Ramsey and promises to update those who submit their e-mail with the latest Ramsey news and offers.

Can’t wait to see his merchandise and other offers.