Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with teacher Brooke Harris about being fired for organizing a Trayvon Martin Fundraiser that never occurred and being held responsible for a student protest that she wasn’t involved in.

6 thoughts on “Brooke Harris Gives Her Side of Her Controversial Firing

  1. A True Educator on said:

    Brooke Harris is an absolute fraud and a complete liar. Everything she said was fabricated. She was not fired for a Trayvon Martin protest and it is truly sickening that she would even use this poor child’s name to evoke sympathy for her wrongdoings. She was reprimanded for several reasons (allowing unauthorized people in the building to speak to her students, taking students out of the building on an unapproved field trip and telling parents it was a school sponsored trip, etc. She sent a tweet to her students telling them to walk out of the building to protest what she believed was HER unfair treatment. This had absolutely nothing to do with Trayvon Martin and happened several months before the Zimmerman case even went to trial.
    This is the second school Ms. Harris has been fired from and used Trayvon Martin’s name as the reason. It was not true in either situation. If this were true, why does she have no lawyer and no legal representation? Brooke Harris please do every child in America a favor and stop using them as a catalyst to promote your own political agenda.

      • A True Educator on said:

        Unfortunately, it is absolutely true. The only victims here are her students who she used as pawns to promote her ideals and social justice platform. Jackie Reed and the TJMS should have done their homework on her.

      • A True Educator on said:

        Sean I don’t need a link. I worked with Ms. Harris and saw first hand what she was doing. I applauded her at first for attempting to involve the students, until I realized she was using the students as pawns for her own political agenda. I heard from her students own mouths the untruths she was telling them. I saw her bring unauthorized people into the building AFTER being told not to. I saw our National Honor Society students leave her social justice club because they saw for themselves she was not trying to offer a solution or help, she only wanted to keep up trouble and that’s not what they wanted to be apart of. Again, this is from the students’ own mouths. I can go on and on… and will if necessary. Now where’s your proof that she is what she states to be?

  2. the Timekeeper on said:

    I dont know what her legal recourse is, although I do hope there is a way she can fight this. I do know hat just the mention of Trayvon’s name evokes a certain reaction in corporate america if you get my drift. This is a good reminder to remain zealous in any efforts you may be a part of, and reamin vigilant in you pursuit of civil and human rights; at the sme time though be prudent and aware of your surroundings as some dig in their heels with an excuse to do harm as in this case In the immortal words of Jesus Christ ‘To be as wise as a serpent, and harmless as dovs.

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