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The last thing Orlando Shaw needs is a reality show.

Shaw, 33, who is unemployed, has 22 children by 14 women, and he’s being sued in Nashville, Tennessee’s most expensive child support case. Shaw claims he’s a good father but says he can’t afford the tens of thousands of dollars he owes in child support payments.

“I was young and ambitious, and I love women,” Shaw told a local television station. “You can’t knock no man for loving women.”

Maybe not. But we can knock Shaw for being an irresponsible knucklehead who can’t possibly provide for 22 children in any sort of emotional or financial way.

It’s a shame that Shaw is unapologetic about his behavior and shows no remorse. He’s a terrible example for black men in America; he’s the worst kind role model for young men everywhere – and he’s a sorry excuse for a father.

How will these children get the emotional care they need and deserve? How can Shaw possibly put in the time necessary to give these children the kind quality parenting they need to help them make intelligent life choices.

In fact, Shaw seems to boast about his careless circumstances. His children range in age from an infant to 18 years old, which means Shaw fathered his first child when he was 14.

“Do the ladies like you?” Shaw was asked by a reporter.

“The ladies love me. They don’t like me. They love me,” Shaw said.

And what about these ladies? Shouldn’t they be held responsible, too? Seems to be a lot of blame to go around? What was number #12, #13 and #14 thinking when they clearly saw a pattern of dysfunctional behavior by Shaw and the other 11 women?

At what point did the light bulb go off?

And get this: When asked to name his children, Shaw paused for a moment because he couldn’t remember the names of all of his kids. And here’s what’s worse: A television production company is considering offering Shaw his own reality show – which seems to condone Shaw’s unbelievably reckless behavior.

“I’ve had a lot of people from Hollywood calling me,” said Shaw.

Shaw said he recently signed a production deal with a prominent Los Angeles agency for a reality show. Any money he does make on the show will be garnished to pay for his children.

Perhaps a reality show is a way for Shaw to generate money to pay child support, but we can only imagine that America will witness the worst kind of baby-mama-drama, arguments, charges and counter charges and 22 children who are growing without a father who is engaged in their lives.

A reality television show would only exploit Shaw’s irresponsible behavior and put the women and his children in the national spotlight. Even if Shaw would like to be part of his children’s upbringing, does he really have the time or the energy?

“I’m a devoted father to all of my children,” Shaw said. “I’m not a deadbeat. I’ve never been a deadbeat.” Shaw said there were too many fathers who were not involved in their children’s lives.

“Out of all of my children, all of their mothers can find me – or if they can’t find me, I’ll find them. I don’t play about with those children,” he said.

And there’s another baby on the way: his 16-year-old daughter is pregnant.

“I have babies for her,” Shaw said. “If she wanted a baby, daddy has plenty for us.”

Juvenile court Magistrate Scott Rosenberg handled the Shaw case and said the interest in Shaw’s case was not surprising.

“Some of these things were so shocking that people had never heard before and didn’t realize these situations exist,” said Rosenberg. Many people have wondered why Rosenberg couldn’t just order Shaw to have a vasectomy.

“People have the right to have children and there’s no constitutional limit on the right to procreate,” said Rosenberg.

Rosenberg is correct from a legal standpoint, but Shaw should have exercised some old-fashioned common sense and listened to his mother.

Will you watch Shaw’s reality show? What do you think?

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21 thoughts on “22 Kids, 14 Women, 1 Dad: Who’s to Blame for This Dysfunction?

  1. on said:

    “And so the trend continues by those who control media to portray the black man in the worst possible light”

    So let me guess, you have no problem with 22 kids (on welfare presumably) by 14 different women? And the media is the problem here? Really?

  2. People need to stay out a other people bizz. they all made their own choices so let them figure it out. I have heard no condemnation for the real baby mamas of Richmond.

  3. Ignantbastard on said:

    That nasty diseased animal…and every silly wench who laid down with him without protection deserves whatever they don’t get. So tired of ghetto rats!! Don’t make excuses for these foolish folk who put themselves in the position they are in. If I ever hear talk of a reality show, I will be the first to start/sign a petition. SMH SMH SMH!!!!!!!!!

  4. This “I am the man CLOWN” does not have a clue about being a father. A father does more than brag about how many children he has……………he provides for them FINANCIALLY . He should be FORCED to get a job . And NO I would not watch a show with this CLOWN and the women stupid enough to allow him to impregnate them.

  5. PetraBlue on said:

    The Duggars have 20 children but the parents are married and the children all have the same mother and father. Not only that but the Duggars support their children because he had a business long before he came on TV. The state does not stake care of the Duggar’s children. This boy is a walking talking nightmare and the very reason why poor black people will remain in the dismal condition they are in…they put themselves in that position no one else. This fool is 33 years old and will soon be a grandfather because his 16 year old daughter is pregnant.

  6. Natedogii on said:

    WoW you right this Nergo ain’t no man and these so called women are just as dumb as his ass is pray for the kid’s!

  7. msyellarose on said:

    Who is to blame? Um, I’ll take a wild guess here and say…HIM? The 14 women did not help by egging him on either. Geez.

  8. tiffany on said:

    I personally didn’t like the follow-up story our local news station did on Orlando. When there are local black men during good positive things in the community..NO REALITY SHOW

    • tiffany: Hopefully you contacted your local TV station, and made them aware of your concerns about their airing the story.

  9. hoodtechie on said:

    This just goes to show you how we as black people have been relegated back to the future. On average we are worse off than our grandparents. This brother is financially dead. He can never support all of his kids now let alone when they have a desire to go to college. I am assuming that this brother being only 34 years old has some education yet look at the situation he has put not only his life but 22 other innocent lives in. With his daughter pregnant at 16 yrs old this cycle will only continue, sad to say. I guess laying up with all those women he never once thought to use protection and think of the consequences he has put himself in. A reality show will only amplify to rest of the world their image of black men(immature,derelect,sorry)all the things the real black men are trying so hard are trying to abstain from. I can only imagine the mentality of the woman who gave birth to these kids, more of our people depending on the government from cradle to grave. My brothers and sisters we have a long way to go to get off the liberal plantation and this is just a prime example of the many that never will.

    • I think he should be able to have a reality show if this will generate funds for the children. The damage is already done. Obviously he didn’t have role models or responsible adults in his life of he stared at 14 yrs old. Instead of washing our hands of this man and quick to throw him under the prison why not look for solutions and him have a job (reality show is a start). His situation couldn’t do any more damage to those that are watching than the MTV Teen Mom show or the show on TLC about the Duggers that have 20 children. How do anyone expect that one father to put his 20 children and counting through college? They live off of the shows money and people in the community supporting them , companies giving them free s#it as well so what the difference? Race! It’s cute or amazing when it’s them doing it to make a buck or be famous but it’s a disgrace when it’s someone like this man. If you ask me they are both sending the wrong message.

      • If you don’t see the difference between the Duggars and this coon (even though I think the Duggars are parasites too), then I have pray you don’t procreate – ever.

      • Serpentine on said:

        “Instead of washing our hands of this man and quick to throw him under the prison why not look for solutions and him have a job (reality show is a start).”

        Understandable mistakes will be made at 14, but what was his excuse as he aged? He didn’t think of solutions. Something as simple as wearing a condom.

        “His situation couldn’t do any more damage to those that are watching than the MTV Teen Mom show or the show on TLC about the Duggers that have 20 children.”

        This is not a competition. Just because others do it, does not mean people should follow suit.

        ” It’s cute or amazing when it’s them doing it to make a buck or be famous but it’s a disgrace when it’s someone like this man.”

        Yes, he is a disgrace. This isn’t about the Duggars or Teen Mom. This is about a grown ass man, who can’t do sh!t for his 22 children!

        How about giving all deadbeat dads their own reality show, just so they can pay their child support. Let him get a regular job. McDonald’s is hiring. We all know he will never be able to support these children financially. I’m not one for glorification, i.e. reality show. Make his ass work for it, and hard.

      • Wild: Hell to the Nah!! This man doesn’t need a TV show! Why should he be rewarded for his ignorance!! Get a job Bro

    • hood: “liberal plantation”??? Could you at least use terminology that’s relevant to 2013. Stuck in the 50s huh!!

  10. jermaine on said:

    I don’t condone his conduct at all nor the conduct of the women. My comment speaks to in control of media and how they exploit this behavior and have had for years.

  11. jermaine on said:

    And so the trend continues by those who control media to portray the black man in the worst possible light. Of course they will give him a show. ‘Media Matters’ petition is what I’m thinking if they start in that direction

    • Trish on said:

      @Jermaine…this ‘black man’ could always choose to NOT sign on the dotted line for the show. Regarding him being portrayed in the worst possible light…he did that all by himself (and the stupid girls/women having his babies).

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