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In a recent interview, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s” very pregnant star Rasheeda discussed whether or not she has filed for divorce from her longtime husband/manager Kirk Frost. We can’t even imagine how it feels to be so publicly betrayed when you are pregnant as well.

“I haven’t served him with the papers, no..” she tells VLADTV. “There has been lawyer conversation and information passed on to me during this situation, yes.”

Total sidebar…is it us or is she absolutely glowing?! She’s gorgeous right? That beauty that only pregnant women get is something else! But we digress.

We know people are going to go in on her because she hasn’t said Kirk has to get out and stay out period.  But she is also about as hormonal as a woman can ever possibly be. She probably needs time and space to get her mind around her life at this point and it’s not healthy for the baby if she dwells on it. She has the rest of her life to fuss and cuss about Kirk and those ratchets.  Right now it should be about her and her lil ones. But you know this isn’t the end of the story so we’re sure we’ll be talking about it again soon!


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