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Director Spike Lee recently came on the Tom Joyner Morning Show to raise $1.25 million on for a very secretive project he’s working on. In a conversation with Black&Sexy.TV on Saturday night, Lee announced he has begun working on a sequel for his 1988 musical drama School Daze.

Lee said the sequel would take place 25 years later and he hoped to get actor Laurence Fishburne to play his role as “Dap.”

Below is an excerpt of Lee’s interview:

“I had the script for [the sequel] to School Daze, a contemporary version, same school, 25 years later. Hopefully I can get Laurence Fishburne to play Dap. He’ll be the president now of the school. It would deal with issues in HSBCUs today, some of the same stuff from the last film, like the pledging process. But also lots of new stuff like homophobia,it’s a big subject in it. Class issues, color, hair texture, but it’s stuff happening today.”

Lee’s Kickstarter campaign has raised over $399,000 to date, with 22 days left to reach the goal.