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The Washington Times is reporting that a white man was beaten by three black men and robbed in Washington D.C.

According to various outlets, the men who committed the act of violence told the man “this is for Trayvon” before attacking him.

The unidentified man was kicked and robbed of his iPhone and wallet. He suffered minor injuries and refused hospital attention.

There have been no arrests but the police are investigating it as a hate crime.

There is no way to confirm that the men said “This is For Trayvon” until there are arrests made but using the late teen’s name in an act of violence is not right.

8 thoughts on “3 Black Men Beat, Rob White Man in D.C., Say ‘This is for Trayvon Martin’

  1. Tami on said:

    White people say these kinds of things often. If it happened, they were wrong, but I’ll have to wait before I take if as a truth.

  2. How dare you disrespect Trayvon Martin’s family like that!!! Turn your anger into something positive that would prevent injustice from happening over and over again.

  3. Stephanie on said:

    Fear and hate, remember in 2008 during the presidential election, that stupid white woman that worked for McCain campaign attacked herself and tried to blame it on someone black from

  4. Beth on said:

    There is always going to a few jerks to try to use a tragic situation for their own gain. What these idoits did has NOTHING to do with Trayvon.

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