Orlando Shaw, the Nashville father of 22 children by 14 different women may now get a reality show due to a NewsChannel5 video that went viral on the internet. He hopes the money will help him pay his child support.


Talk about an extended family. Shaw considers himself a Romeo and boasts of fathering 22 children by 14 women.

“Do the ladies like you?” he’s asked.

“The ladies love me. They don’t like me. They love me,” said Shaw when his story was first told last year.

Nashville’s NewsChannel5 was first to report about Shaw’s appearance in juvenile court for a hearing on back child support. He owed thousands of dollars to the mothers of his children and the state of Tennessee.

Each month, more than $7,500 in social services has been spent on Shaw’s 22 children.

How does he explain so many kids?

“I was just young and ambitious and I love women. Hey, you can’t knock no man for loving a woman,” said Shaw.

NewsChannel5 posted part of the raw interview online and the story went viral. The video was picked up by network news programs around the world.

Juvenile court Magistrate Scott Rosenberg handled the Shaw case and said the interest in Shaw’s case was not surprising.

“Some of these things were so shocking that people had never heard before and didn’t realize these situations exist,” said Rosenberg.

Many people have wondered why Rosenberg couldn’t just order Shaw to have a vasectomy.

“People have the right to have children and there’s no constitutional limit on the right to procreate,” said Rosenberg.

Shaw could do it himself, but he said that was something he would resist.

“Have you seen the movie War Horse? I’m a war horse and I don’t want to be cut down there and it won’t work the right way no more,” said Shaw.

His own mother told him he’s had enough children, but said her son makes his own choices.

“He is just messing with the girls and it happened,” said Yolanda Gayle Shaw.

Since his story first aired several things have changed for Shaw.

First, he wanted people to know that despite the shocking number of children he’s had and the amount of child support he owes, he was not a negligent father.

“I’m not a deadbeat. I’ve never been a deadbeat,” said Shaw, though he admitted he can’t possibly pay the child support he owes.

Shaw said he knew all his children, and showed us photos he had of each to prove it.

“I’m a devoted father to all of my children,” Shaw said.

He said there were too many fathers who were not involved in their children’s lives.

“Out of all of my children, all of their mothers can find me – or if they can’t find me, I’ll find them. I don’t play about with those children,” he said.

Shaw hoped to earn some money now with the opportunities presented by the viral video.

“I’ve had a lot of people from Hollywood calling me,” said Shaw.

In fact, he recently signed a production deal with a prominent Los Angeles agency for a reality show. Any money he does make on the show will be garnished to pay for his children.

Shaw may have more mouths to help feed.

“I’m about to become a grandfather,” he said.

Shaw had his first child at 14, and now his 16-year-old daughter is pregnant.  He said he wishes she wasn’t.

“I have babies for her. If she wanted a baby, daddy has plenty for us,” said Shaw.

Shaw said he has vowed not to have any more children.

Check him out above as he answers questions for a news reporter. You can’t deny he’s articulate and even likeable. However, he admits, he is incapable of supporting his children financially. When asked if he knows all of their names, he swears that he does; however, it he may be a little off on the number of kids he has.

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