But her weight loss hasn’t come from time in the gym. It’s a byproduct of her busy lifestyle – she’s rehearsing for her tour and preparing her debut album, which is set to be released Oct. 8.

“I’ve always ā€“ well maybe I haven’t always ā€“ been comfortable with who I am. This weight is just dropping off because of my crazy schedule,” the season 12 winner said. “I just walk a lot in the airports, and then we are rehearsing the choreography. I call [the rehearsal room] the gym, to be honest.”

Way to go Candice!

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One thought on “How American Idol Candice Glover Keeps Losing Weight

  1. Five Quick Tips For Fitness Success:

    1. Find a compelling reason why you want to change your body and or improve your health. The compelling reason will be your anchor and keep you from being distracted.

    2.Have someone hold you accountable to working towards your goals. Accountability will help you stay committed and motivated.

    3.Change your training routine every 3 weeks. This will prevent plateaus and keep the results coming.

    4.Stay consistent. Consistency is priceless.

    5.Research and discover what training routines work for you. One size doesn’t fit all. Read fitness articles and experiment with routines that you think may work for you.


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