Dear Mr. Joyner:

My Christmas wish is to ask for your help for my daughter, Niecy, who is five months pregnant.  She recently earned her undergraduate degree at Prairie View University and is working towards an MS in human sciences.  You understand what that means—loans, loans and paying back loans.

Tom, Niecy is only able to work a few hours during the weekend and does not earn enough to cover her bills and prepare for the baby’s birth.  Therefore, we need a christmas wish to make sure our little buddle of joy has a crib, stroller, changing table, car seat, diapers and allthe bells and whistles that comes with a newborn.  She is due to arrive in early december.

If you are able to help my daughter, we will really appreciate it with all our hearts.  We will let the baby know that a kind man with a big heart made it possible for her to have the comforts needed to start a good life.

Thank You Annie Griffin,

Future Proud Grandma

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Christmas Wish

  1. Julie thomas on said:

    Hello Mr Joyner
    I was trying to sign up for your Wednesday Christmas wish but I can’t seem to find it I am trying to ask for funds ng to have a Christmas gala for the homeless of my home city
    I want to give them gifts and feed them slash giving them make overs before the gala to make them feel special I usually don’t ask for help but I want this gala to be of the top if you can help it will be greatly appreciate ated
    $2500 dollars will go along way just to see those who feel like they are unloved and unwanted
    I hope up consider the release ministries bless you in Jesus name Pastor Julie Thomas

  2. gena arispe on said:

    Good afternoon Tom Joyner:
    My name is Gena Arispe and I have a wish of a lifetime for my children. My husband and I have been married 27 years and we have a daugter 18, and triplets that will be 14, November the 11th, 2013, on Veterans Day! One of my triplets is a highly functioning Asbergers Autistic boy who rocks my world. He is a very loving and caring kid that is forever getting bullied at school. I would love to do something so special for him and our family. I would love to take my family to the Gaylor Winter wonderland, for a day of just pure fun, My only wish is to see their eyes light up when I tell them that we get to go there. Tom, I’m hoping this wish can be granted for my family. We have always been pretty strapped with so many kids and being a low income family. There have been times where we have gone without food and clothes but we have never gone without love in our home. We have never gotten to take a vacation and this would be the first ever. Please help me in granting this wish for me and for my children.
    Thank you in advance,
    Gena Arispe

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