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The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Carlita Kilpatrick, the wife of the imprisoned former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has lost her job and her home in Texas.

Mrs. Kilpatrick lost her 4-bedroom 5,000 square foot home in Dallas, TX according to neighbors and they tell the newspaper various items including furniture are out on the curb.

She was not evicted but she did not renew the lease on the home which she was renting for $2.000 a month.

They are also reporting that Mrs. Kilpatrick lost her job as a specialist at an athletic facility in Duncanville, TX, citing that she  was released from her position because she did not “meet the requirements of the job.”

Kwame and Carlita Kilpatrick have three sons together. No word on what’s next for the family.

Mrs. Kilpatrick has not commented on the story.

Politicians Doing Time for Their Crime
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3 thoughts on “Kwame Kilpatrick’s Wife Loses Job, Home in Texas

  1. @Sarah I agree, its the children who suffer, but Mrs and Mr, Kilpatrick knew what they where getting into, I’m from detroit but have relocated to las vegas, where my family is, because I loss my Position at Detroit medical center, its really a shame how wonderful detroit use to be, and to have some Silly ,, immature young man come in. and destroy everything that the state and the city where trying to build ourselves back up,,, totally Irresponsible on there parts,,, all the people who took part in all Her husbands schemes, scams,, I know she could not possibly be surprised at this..see I loved detroit at one time, because it was the people that made detroit the Bomb” to live there, walking downtown ,,, and dressing up to go out and nobody bothered you,, we have a good time… times where really good in detroit at one time, we had the jazz festivals,,, the Greek town festivals,, all kinds of eatery’s
    where people was just people, and we look out for one another,, we are not like that anymore,,, this is a new breed of young people. and if you cannot do the time,,then don’t do the crime..

  2. Sarah on said:

    The only people I feel sorry for in that family is the kids. These two adults knew what they were doing when they stole from the city. Both of them need to rot in hell. The kids are the losers.

  3. On one end I feel bad for the lady and her family.
    But I ask the ? did this lady and her husband ever even think about them being caught for all what they have been charged for.
    As we can see now the city Detroit is bankrupt now.
    I wonder will a vast % of black people wake up and stop being suckers for all tnis crime and going to prison non-sense.

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