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Here’s my secret for today… I’m obsessed with Kimberlee from The Natural Fashionista! But it’s a borderline stalking type of obsession that was birthed from her Instagram page. Besides being one the cutest southern belles I’ve ever met, she just so happens to have an awesome head of hair that a wavy girl like me swoons over.

I recently caught up with the daring fashionista during Full Figured Fashion Week and we chatted about how she maintains her healthy tresses, her decision to embrace her natural curls, and her worst hair moments. Check it out!

HelloBeautiful: Have you always loved your hair?

Kimberlee Postell: When I first big chopped, after transitioning for about 8 months, I was not initially fond of my hair. It took some time to get use to a new look, my texture and the process of learning how to manage my hair in its natural state. I was very frustrated and contemplated going back to a relaxer, but my husband encouraged me to stick with it, and now I am so glad that I did because I love my hair in every way.

HB: What are your bad day hair solutions?

KP:  If I am having a bad hair day I usually wear a puff style and push all of my hair to the top of my head. You just cannot go wrong with this style, and it is perfect for those types of days.

HB: Worst hair moments?

KP: I cannot pinpoint a bad hair moment, but when I first decided to wear my hair natural I had no clue what to do and I was very unhappy with how my hair looked in general. I was trying to learn from people who did not have my hair texture or the same length, so I had to dedicate some time to learn my hair. It is so important not to compare your hair to other people’s. You will never succeed that way.

HB: What are your do’s & don’ts of styling natural hair?

KP: I don’t have any don’ts when it comes to styling my hair because I live by the motto, “It’s just hair.” I don’t take things like my hair too seriously, but keeping my hair moisturized and stretched is very essential to my hair growth. I do not like my hair to feel dry, and that is very common for natural hair. I try to make sure that I deep condition my hair at least once every two weeks and keep it moisturized.

Amen to all of that! Chime in via the comments below if you have any natural hair tips or stories for us to share on #RealGirlsRealCurls!

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