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Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese, also known as the group TGT did a recent performance that left some questioning whether Ginuwine was “100%” high or not.

During their show in Long Island on the local CBS-WLNY morning show “The Couch,” Tyrese is seen on camera giving Ginuwine the stank eye as if he was upset with his behavior from the beginning of the performance.

Tank seems none the wiser as he plays the keys in background when Ginuwine starts to sing and seems to have forgotten the words to his own song. The camera then shows Tank laughing and you can hear Tyrese kinda laughing as well. Judge for yourself above, especially around the 3:15 mark; that’s when things get interesting.

After their sketchy performance, Tyrese took to Twitter in what some might assume was a vent of frustration but seemed to try and make light of it all.

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