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Who would’ve ever thought that mild mannered NBA star Tim Duncan‘s name could even be remotely associated with the word “drama”?

Well, if you believe the online chatter that’s circulating, he’s definitely involved in some domestic mess.

A new report regarding Tim Duncan’s divorce claimed that Duncan’s estranged wife, Amy, had concerns that the NBA All-Star was in a relationship with another man.

According to gossip site Hollywood Street King, Tim Duncan lived with another man four years after attending college at Wake Forest University together. During the first two years of Amy and Tim’s marriage, the unidentified man was living in the same house with the couple before the San Antonio Spurs star reportedly purchased an apartment for him. The HSK report also says that Duncan is seeking to have a gag order placed on Amy as the couple’s divorce proceedings move forward.

A source claimed that Tim and Amy’s relationship has been on the rocks because both of them were cheating on each other.

Earlier reports indicated that Amy initially filed the divorce back in March, stating that the couple’s marriage was “insupportable” because of discord and conflict. The San Antonio Express newspaper noted that prior to the divorce proceedings, Duncan hired a private investigator to spy on Amy.

So far, Duncan has not spoken about the rumor or commented on his impending divorce.

(Photo: AP)