On the heels of his ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches, making news over the weekend for giving the impression that she’s homeless, Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade has reached a financial settlement with her six long years after their initial split.

According to TMZ, Wade’s attorney released a statement earlier today saying the NBA baller has “provided a very generous settlement” to Funches. Wade filed for divorce in 2007 … it was granted in 2010, and Wade was awarded sole custody of their two sons in 2011.

The divorce was brutal, especially regarding custody. Siohvaughn was arrested last summer for allegedly attempting to abduct their kids. She subsequently accused Wade of all sorts of bad parenting, including depriving them of life-saving asthma medication.

On Friday, Funches publicly accused Wade of leaving her homeless and destitute, taking to the streets of Chicago with a sign that read, “NBA Miami Heat star, mother of his children, on the streets.” Wade claims he’s been paying her $25,000 a month, and also paid for her mortgage and four cars.

As for custody, not so fast. Unfortunately, it’s still a contentious situation because guess who wants visitation rights? Yep, Siohvaughn.  The bottom line is that the court hasn’t decided that part of the issue. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Finally Reaches Divorce Settlement with Ex-Wife

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  2. Jiggy and Jan: 2 losers going to hell in a hand basket. on said:

    Wade claims he’s been paying her $25,000 a month, and also paid for her mortgage and four cars.

    I’m just waiting for the greedy person to comment, “Is that all?! She is the mother of his children. He is a dog!……”

    Stop it!

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