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Congratulations to the Prince of England and the Duchess of Cambridge.  William and Katherine are now the proud parents of a royal baby boy.  And we discovered that in England they have a whole different terminology surrounding childbirth.  Like here in the U.S. we say mom.  But there they say mum.  Here we say her water broke.  And there they say she spilled her tea.  And here we say breastfeeding.  And there they say that randy little bugger is sucking mum’s nip-nips.

Breaking news.  Tom Joyner has just offered the royal baby a full scholarship to any HBCU.

And in other baby making news Michael Jordan is going to have a reverse vasectomy so that he and his new bride can have kids together.  ♫ Michael wants the plumber to turn his faucet on, it’s a reverse vasectomy, reverse vasectomy.  And all those nights of Michael shooting blanks will be gone, it’s a reverse vasectomy for number 23.