Whether you liked to get stoned before devouring a Whopper or stoned while eating, we’re sure you would be very surprised to find marijuana in your meal. A Michigan family found a pot-filled pipe in their 4-year-old’s Burger King Kids Meal earlier this week.

According to Dundee Police Chief Dave Uhl, a 23-year-old employee stashed the pipe in the box to hide it while at work. The employee confessed to the deed after it was reported.

The  grandfather of the four-year-old called the cops after he suspected the Burger King employee of being up to something as he ran to a car parked in the restaurant’s parking lot. Soon after, Officer Kotsch approached the employee and began his interrogation. During his questioning, the employee’s phone rang and it was his two friends who were parked in the car of the restaurant’s parking lot. The two friends alerted their Burger King employed friend that police were on the scene. Little did they know, they were speaking to Officer Kotsch.

After seeing Officer Kotsch’s car, the two friends abandoned their car and ran off into the woods. They soon emerged from the woods after receiving a call from Kotsch saying that they would be arrested and their car would be impounded.

The Burger King employee and his two friends were arrested and charged with drug possession after police found marijuana, hash and other drug paraphernalia in the car.

This situation sounds like something straight out of a Harold and Kumar movie.

What would you have done if you would have found a pipe in your meal?


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