Actress Rae Dawn Chong is going hard after Oprah Winfrey personally. Their characters famously fought in “The Color Purple,” with Squeak saying to Miss Sofia, “You just a big ol’ heifer!” before the latter knocked her under the juke joint.

Chong claims she’s a self-centered fat “biotch” who would have been a “house n**ger” during slavery — all in a backhanded attempt to praise her as someone who has come so far in life.

Rae Dawn, who’s part black, appeared on “Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour” and talked about how her personal relationship with Oprah went from good to really bad back in the 1980s.

Chong says Oprah was “lovely” to her during filming of “The Color Purple” in 1985, but when she moved on to her next movie, “Commando” with Arnold Schwarzenegger – who was married to Winfrey’s friend Maria Shriver – Winfrey became “a total biotch,” she said.

“She invited me to come do her show when I starred in ‘Commando’ and she just wasn’t having me. She’s competitive, she didn’t like me. She just wasn’t having me,” Chong said, before going on to bash Oprah like nobody’s business.

Here are some excerpts:

– “If you look at the way [Oprah] looks, she looks like 60 years ago she would have been a housekeeper luckily. She would have not been a house n**ger, she would have been a field n**ger.”

– “She’s so enormously insecure. If you wanna distill Oprah Winfrey down to like her most basic components. She wants to be beautiful.”

– “Imagine being [Oprah]. She has all of the world. All the power in the world … and she only wants something that is only chemical, purely impossible.”

– “The thing that’s really great about Oprah that you can’t take away from her is that she’s a great brown-noser.”

Rae concluded the interview with a compliment wrapped in yet another attack — “No matter how vile she is…you kinda gotta go, ‘hello hats off’ like, you’ve done an amazing thing you have actually shifted the DNA of the universe…”

(Photo: AP)

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20 thoughts on “What Star Says Oprah Would’ve Been a Field N**ger?

  1. Rae is upset because the dark skinned Black woman is smart and successful. Rae thinks because she is almost white, she should have been more successful than Oprah. Rae is so envious of Oprah! I’m guessing Rae tried to be Oprah’s BFF on the set of “The Color Purple”; however Oprah saw right through her and didn’t give Rae the time of day. Good for Oprah! Some people are so transparent that it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out their motives.

  2. Rae Dawn is still harboring resentment, and her appearance on the Oprah Color Purple reunion show a couple of years ago, she had revealed by her behavior that she is very mean spirited. I can respect her comments if she just spoke about how she sees Oprah in the Hollywood world, but her comments were more vicious and vile. Speaking about Oprah being a field “N”, was her way of trying to dehumanize her and say to her basically, you’re nothing but a “N” with money. Why do Black women have to be so horrible to one another, and worse of all, saying these things in a public forum. Crab in the barrel mentality. What a shame. Hopefully Miss Winfrey will not even respond because this woman is truly beneath her. If she would have just vented her views as to what happened, or how she things she acts with money, then I could respect that, but Rae Dawn took it to a lower level. By the way, I think Miss Winfrey is more attractive than her on so many levels.

    • Cindy on said:

      I agree so with this statement. Rae dawn took it to a very low level. Oprah, you are a beautiful, intelligent lady. And now that you and Tyler are partners, you will reign!

  3. pac4me on said:

    WOW!!!! Rae Dawn a star? Oh Please – this child is harboring some deep hate, but why didn’t you discuss your feelings with Oprah? Why would any of us care what a Rae Dawn thinks about anything – Do you OWN your own network? Nope! Do you even have a job right now? Nope and you are probably right about one thing: back in the day Oprah certainly wouldn’t have been in the mansion, but Missy Rae, you would probably be the result of a rape and the Master’s bastard child that he refused to acknowledge. I hope Oprah doesn’t respond to this nonsense and give this child any kind of credibility

  4. She is saying what lot of people have said. There are a lot of people who feel the same way about :Oprah. Since Oprah has all this money.(the thing the americans worship) people feel she is off limits. But the truth is the truth.Be yours or theirs. You gotta respect someone who speaks what they feel. The majority of people I know have said the same thing about her.

  5. redbone1954 on said:

    Really??? Seriously??? She needs to stop smoking I think she got into her daddy’s stash and then decided to do an interview go away little girl YOU are truly irrrelevent you were then and you are now a big nobody in the film world. What’s the last film we saw you in???? EXACTLY

  6. MS D on said:

    I think a real woman would not put those comments out for everyone to read…seems to me that she’s looking for a response back from Oprah…but let’s just see how this plays out….at the end of the day Oprah no field N and she’s one of the richest people in the world…so that speaks for itself. Stop hating Rae.

  7. Paris on said:

    Wow Rae, and you wonder why she didn’t want to be bothered with you. Sounds like you think you should have all her success because you have a more favorable skin color and look. You are way too old to be so stupid.

    • @ Paris, you said exactly what I was thinking. Rae Dawn’s comments come across as to say, you are nothing and will never be anything better than a field “N”, but I’m not that because I have fairer skin, so I’m actually better than you are and I would have been revered more because I’m fairer and more mixed than you. I comment is so ugly and vile, and then she wonders why she is not working today!

  8. SayWhat on said:

    It’s crazy that she is still holding on to her anger for so long. Girl let it go. Oprah has moved on while you on the other hand is still stewing in your anger. Maybe you should watch some of Oprah’s Life Classes. Lol. They can help you move beyond that moment and realize that you are giving Oprah too much power in your life. I think it was Lifeclass 101.

  9. Tami on said:

    Oh, I didn’t know Rae was a hater. I saw the movie with Arnold and am baffled as to why she has been on anything much since…not. LOL. What a bad move on so many levels. I am sure Oprah felt the sting for about a millisecond. (BIG BANK TAKES LITTLE BANK ALL DAY LONG.)

  10. Rae is a jealouse nobody. Oprah is respected around the world and Rae is classless and a has been.
    So she got people talking about her but not in a good way, good move has been.

  11. ????…wait what just happened?… it ‘Insult a Billionaire and Make Yourself Relevant Week”? Rae should back it up and shut up, she reference movies from 1985, which means she has been hurt all this time. This is HILARIOUS!! then again we can talk about Rae for at least, 15 minutes. We will look to hear what she is doing in another 28 years.
    Oprah may have given her hell, but maybe she gave as good as she got. Rae may have been equally unfriendly, arrogant, and bitchy. Oprah may have given as good as she got.
    Thanks Rae for the comic relief!

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