Dear Tom,

My mother started working for Chrysler back in 1971 – she started off as a Spot Welder and retired in 2005 as a Dye Setter after 34 years, in fact, she was the only woman to ever hold that position!

I turned my mom into a grandmother when I was 12 years old. She took custody of my baby so that I could focus on school but I turned around and had another baby at 14 and married the baby daddy. Instead of her discouraging me, she supported me and pushed me to be the best mother and student I could be.

When my third child was diagnosed with Autism and Willie-Prader syndrome, my mother took custody so she could take care of him through her insurance while I was starting my career as a nurse.

She loves bowling and has been a bowler since the age of 16. she was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and the doctor said no more bowling so she plays bowling on her Wii.

My mom also volunteers at her church, feeds the homeless every Tuesday evening, and takes care the chronically ill. I hope to someday become half the woman that she is.

I have been a nurse for 15 years and I owe it all to my mom. I appreciate her sacrifices and her unwillingness to give up on me.Β  She has been wanting to get new carpet in her bedroom for the longest time. This gift would truly be a blessing to her. Thank you for reading.


Quanadra D Hatcher

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