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There are a bunch of new contenders in the daytime TV race. If you have a vajajay, a public profile and an opinion, you’ve probably been hired on one of the new shows targeting the female audience currently dominated by Ellen DeGeneres, Dr.’s Phil and Oz and “The View.” (Wendy Williams, while not as popular overall, is most visible to the urban market.) That’s much more talk than what seems necessary. Wading through all the newest offerings is difficult as new shows are coming down the pike every day. Here’s a cheat sheet to figure out what’s what and who’s who.


Who: Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, Tamar Braxton, Tamara Mowry Hounsley, Jeannie Mai

When: July 15 in seven markets, including Philly and D.C.

Concept: Take a few famous faces, combine and see if they click in a “View” like way

Prognosis: OK

Summary: The younger, hipper, “View?” Well, most of “The View,” even with the recent acquisition of Jenny McCarthy, is of a certain age, but that hasn’t yet impacted their ratings. They’re supported by demographics that indicate baby boomers will be the largest population very soon and a long run at the top of the daytime talk show heap. “The Real” is trying hard to touch every demo with two Black hosts, an Asian host, a biracial host and a Hispanic host. So far, actress/singer/reality TV star Bailon has been surprisingly impressive while the others, well, not so sure we’d commit to DVR’ing just yet.


Who: The artist formerly known as Dana Owens

When: September 16

Concept: The new Oprah

Prognosis: Unclear

Summary: Although she’s tried and failed at this before, Queen Latifah’s at it again, with a daytime talk show coming this fall. We’re really not sure why she’s back, since her first go-round as a talk-show hostess failed. Maybe, as a full-figured Black woman the producers figure she can step into void Oprah left? Sorry, but Wendy Williams was born to TV and Latifah seems forced as a peppy talk show host. We haven’t seen the show yet, obviously, but that’s our initial take.


Who: Kris Jenner, money-making matriarch of the Kardashian clan

When: Now, in a six-week preview

Concept: Advice from reality TV’s favorite mom

Prognosis: Good

Summary: As if the Kardashians aren’t overexposed enough, Mama Jenner takes on daytime with her new show. She’ll cover typically Kardashian topics – fashion, beauty, makeup, hair, fashion…did we mention fashion? No report on whether she’ll cover how to make a killing in reality TV, which is what we really want to know. Will her and her family’s already significant media exposure help or hurt her? Given what we’ve already seen on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” we don’t know. She’s debuted to strong ratings thus far. But of course, there’s little completion for new programming in the summer.


Who: Former Essence editor Angela Burt-Murray, actress Malinda Williams, Erin Jackson, “Awkward Black Girl” Issa Rae and former CBS anchor Rene Styler

When: Now

Concept: An all Black “View”

Prognosis: Fair

Summary: When you have to preface half the folks on the show with jobs they used to have or you don’t know them at all, that’s going to be a hard sell. All of the women are accomplished, polished and articulate, but unless you’re already an Issa Rae fan from YouTube, Malinda Williams is probably the best known of the bunch. The all-Black crew may work for Aspire but obviously limits their reach. The fact that “Exhale” airs on Aspire, Magic Johnson’s new network, limits it more. But for Aspire, it may prove to be a win given there’s not much of a bar to reach just yet.

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2 thoughts on “Real Talk: Who’s Going to Win the New Daytime Race?

  1. no way is Bailon worth that must praise. I like her, she’s good but I need her to scale back just a tad with all of the neck popping.

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