Dear Tom:

On June 20, 2013 my older brother, Herbert perished in a fire that destroyed the home he lived in with his wife, Sybil, her mother and their three sons. He was 58 years-old.

Tom, Herbert was bigger than life and a naturally born preacher who gave sermons across the country at many notable churches.  he enjoyed preaching the gospel, but most of all he loved his family and the joy that being a husband and father brought him.

Tom, we spent all our money burying my brother who did not have life insurance.  Sybil and the boys are living in a hotel while future living arrangements are being worked on.   you would be a blessing to her if you could grant a Christmas Wish and help her replace the boys clothing and some of the necessities they lost in the fire.  it was enough to lose their husband and father, but to lose all your belongings is another whole tragedy.

Thank You,

Harvey Wilson

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One thought on “Wednesday Christmas Wish: Harvey Wilson

  1. Sibyl Collins Wilson on said:

    Big thanks and multitudes of blessings to Tom Joyner and his team! They came through on the request just in time to get my oldest son back to school with everything he needed. While we are still adjusting, God has blessed us with people and organizations such as TJMS who have assisted us. I will be sending pictures and a personal thank you very soon. Your staff was awesome to us as well.

    Sibyl Collins Wilson

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