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Kris Jenner has already mastered television, making her family the number one clan on reality TV with their successful E! show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its spinoff shows. Now Kris, the hardest working mom in show business, is taking on another challenge – hosting her own talk show “Kris” which begins its six-week test run on Fox stations today.

“My show is going to be really fun,” Jenner told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “I’m going to start out with a different co-host every day so some of my co-hosts lined up are Ryan Seacrest, Kathie Lee Gifford, Nene Leakes, Mario Lopez and people like that. Friends that I’ve worked with in the business for years. The first 15 minutes is host chat – what’s going on in both of our lives whoever I have on – the second 15 minutes is pop culture and the rest of the show is all things I love to do like fashion and beauty and health and anti-aging and food.”

Jenner’s show will likely sometimes delve into controversial topics when they make the news. With the Zimmerman case lingering in the public’s mind a day after his acquittal, Jenner was asked if she saw any similarities between that and the O.J.Simpson trial. Her ex-husband, lawyer Robert Kardashian who died of cancer some years ago, was one of the lead lawyers during the trial. Although he and Jenner were already divorced, Kris’ friendship with Nicole Brown Simpson obviously complicated their relationship.

‘I don’t compare the two. And I don’t judge other people unless I hear it from the horse’s mouth. I don’t know what happened. I wasn’t there. So I don’t really want to get into comparing two things that I believe are apples and oranges.”

As for the talk show, Jenner says don’t expect a replay of her family reality show. Obviously, a talk show won’t have the navel-gazing focus the Kardashian clan is known for given their tendency to share just about everything with their audience.

“What I’ve learned from [“Keeping Up With the Kardashians”} is that there are so much that people do want to know and my perspective on things because there are so many layers and things that I’m really passionate about and love to do. My show is not going to be snarky and mean-spirited and negative. I’m not curing a disease, I’m not talking about murder trials. It’s light and fun and happy….I come from a place and I teach my girls this – I just want everybody to be the best that they can be. I think that the show is where you can get a takeaway and maybe learn something and laugh at the same time. I just come from a real positive place in life and I look at the glass half-full.”

As for any news on granddaugther North West, whose parents are her daughter Kim and rapper Kanye West, Kris says it’s impossible to tell who the baby will look like just yet. “She’s pretty cute,” Jenner said.

Kris premieres on Fox stations today; check local listings for times in your area or go to the official website. 

(Photo: PR Photos)

11 thoughts on “Kris Jenner: “Comparing Zimmerman to O.J Is Like Apples to Oranges”

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  2. Daniel Asamota on said:

    There’s no comparison because O J Simpson didn’t kill anybody and George Zimmerman committed first degree murder!

  3. Tom, Sybil, J:
    ALL THREE OF YOU ARE SO WRONG!!!!! MAN!!! Kris Jenner JUST got off the show and then you talk about her like a dog!!!! You just KNOW that was wrong! (SMH and laughing at the same time.)
    Oh and she would have to be living under a rock not to know about George Zimmerman murdering “our child” Trayvon Martin. She was just trying to be “politically correct” and not provide an opinion on such a controversial topic. Of COURSE she KNEW she was just attempting to stay above the fray while trying to get the word out about her new show. She knows some Blacks watch those daytime talk shows as well as all those crazy reality shows; whether on Fox or not. She came on your show to let Blacks know there was additional junk for them to watch.
    Again, you guys are just wrong for that!
    Loyal fan even when I disagree!…with your messiness.
    PS. You guys need a hug LOL!

  4. Blackwer on said:

    Kris has intentionally, already drawn a comparison but history reflects that she wasn’t there for either incidences. The difference between the O.J. case is that he personally knew the people he is constantly hounded about (allegedly) killing. George Zimmerman admittedly killed a complete stranger. The best way to not give an opinion is to not give one.

  5. Debbie on said:

    I think comparing the 2 cases is dumb as well. they are not the same. Only comparison they have is now we know how the white people felt when he was found Not Guilty. Other than that, they are no way the same.

  6. If you do not judge and want to hear it from the horses mouth, you were NOT there in the OJ Simpson case either. And how do you know if this is apples to oranges if you know NOTHING about it? Stupid.

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