A woman allegedly related to George Zimmerman and his family told investigators that members of Zimmerman’s family were boastfully proud racists and that Zimmerman sexually molested her for several years.

“It started when I was six,” the woman told investigators in 2012. “We’d all lay in front of the TV and we had pillows and blankets and he would reach under the blankets and try to do things and I would try to push him off but he was bigger and stronger and older,” the woman said, audibly weeping in the Florida State Attorney’s Office interview recording released Monday. “It was in front of everybody and I don’t know how I didn’t say anything, I just didn’t know any better.”

A number of news sources have reported that the woman is a relative of the Zimmerman family, though her exact relationship to Zimmerman was redacted from the interview recording. Zimmerman’s legal team, in a statement released in 2011, identified the woman as a cousin.

“We’ve known about this since the beginning but out of respect to her privacy, her emotional state, we haven’t said anything,” Natalie Jackson, an attorney for the family of victim Trayvon Martin, told The Huffington Post.

The woman told investigators that she was coming forward because she thought that Zimmerman might have shot and killed Martin because he was black.

“This is the first time in my life that I’m not afraid of him,” the woman said. “[H]e cant get to me. If I saw him on the street or saw him anywhere it would just make me break down in tears, but now with everything going on I know that he’s not going to be out in public. I won’t go to Target and see him anymore. I’m not afraid of him anymore.”

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46 thoughts on “George Zimmerman May Head Back to Court to Face Molestation Charges

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  2. I believe that George Zimmerman is guilty of murder. So this is in noway a comment of defense. However, is not Zimmerman 28 or 29 years old? The victim is now 27. That is a 2 to 3 year age difference between he and is cousin, correct? Then how is it molestation? Rape, yes, but molestation? They were both children at the time.

    • JanCorey on said:

      Whites and Hispanics combined get far less welfare than just the blacks alone per population-ratios, at least according to the documented facts. Why anyone gets welfare is beyond anything that is reasonable to me, get a job for Christ’s sake already you lazy welfare-addicts.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Not per population, blacks are more likely on welfare than any other race. We should ban all those on any type of welfare over age five, immediately, and let those loser’s family take care of those deadbeats.

  3. JanCorey on said:

    How few blacks are not on some type of welfare? Eliminate the welfare programs and maybe they will all move out of this country and the crime rate will drop to a level that might actually be insignificant, right?

  4. Folks are all over the board talking about everything but what was stated in the article. No matter what we think, it will be up to the DA whether charges will be filed. If someone were accusing me of molesting them and it was a lie I would sue them. Why is Zimmerman being quiet? The courts are not looking at it in relation to Trayvon Martin, but whether or not there is evidence that he committed this crime.

  5. There was more evidence that Michael Jackson was molesting boys than this stuff. Let it go people… there was no evidence showing anything except Trayvon attacked GZ. If you watched the trial you would know that or you are seriously color blind.

    • You totally disregard that fact that Zimmerman started the whole thing. He was an adult, with a gun. Martin was a child being stalked. Martin had every right to defend himself. The jury was biased from the start, as I expected.

      • JanCorey on said:

        Nancy, following is not a crime and the molestation-thing will never see the light of day in any courtroom, and if there are any doubters, they are just simply upset that the court-Acquittal proved them all wrong, and for soooo long too. (ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha)

  6. mom from bmore on said:

    If your going to sit here an label zimmerman as a child molester without any evidence, then turn around and complain that the justice system is corrupt, what happened to innocent until proven guilty? If you take this witness 9 statement as gold my question to you would be, are you freaking nuts?!!? He was raised in a black home until he was 12, his moms grandfather is black, ect ect. Tired of the blind being misled by the media, for what because the media, the president nor Eric Holder dont give 2 cents about us as a whole, So keep on being misled by the politicians and show them they are right, that we as a country are easily led by hate. There was a statement taken by witness 9 and was tossed out, not ignored by the state no matter what crump and his lawbreakng crew said. Watch when you see all of the court cases come out on behalf of zimmerman and all of the corrupt lawyers, That Corey lady and the prosecutors all get sanctioned and possibly disbarred, the only one who has suffered a miscarriage of justice and civil rights violations is zimmerman. Who is of color so why isnt the NAACP helping him?

  7. Xavier on said:

    This is from what about a year ago, and it was shunned and made irrelevant to the case, though the prosecution tore through Trayvon’s brief history as if he was a crimelord in the making. Something isn’t right, either with her story or the way justice handles relevancy of character of both parties. What would be sadder is if the related details are true, were sat on for over a year, could have spoken to Zimmerman’s character/mindset/family situation, and had impact on the trial but now is too late for the criminal charges.

    As for other what ifs, someone asked what if the races of both parties were reverse, . . but what ifs are only good when your god and can play them out. . . . though someone can make a movie… people are already on the profit trail for book money.

  8. djmanuelito on said:

    As a former son of the head of a neighborhood watch assoc., I acted as an extension of my father. I always went up to folks if I had thought they were suspicious & who I asked them if they needed help finding an address. They either left the premises or asked for my help. Either way I stated my reason for being there from the start. George did not.

  9. djmanuelito on said:

    George Zimmerman is off his rocker. He has Napoleon Bonaparte disease & it is obvious now that he was busted with his hand in the cookie jar he looks like a dear in headlights.

  10. angela on said:

    they say stand your ground, in 1923 rosewood florida, a lot of blacks was murder because of one white lady lie they should have had stand your ground law back then i don’t know if yall believe in god but you gets away with nothing in or out of this world.

    • JanCorey on said:

      Angela, he was charged with crimes and the prosecution failed to prove him guilty, if you remain mad at anyone, I suggest you be mad at the failures of the prosecution and follow efforts to get them incarcerated. As far as George Zimmerman, he was simply protecting his own life from a crazed-illegally-high-on-dope thug who ended up catching a bullet in his heart for his illegal actions toward victim-Zimmerman. Thank God!

      • soldier on said:

        I can’t believe you have a picture of a wounded warrior on your profile and you are supporting this child molester shame on you!!!

      • JanCorey on said:

        Soldier, what child molester? You??? I did not know that about you, but thanks for the information, I will help you to let others know about you too. God Bless, but don‘t you molest any more children or adults, K? .

      • YouDisgustMe on said:

        Oh f*ck off already, chomo lover. He molested his cousin since she was 6. If that’s what you’re a fan of, go ahead. It says more about you than all of that garbage you posted.

      • JanCorey on said:

        YouDisgustMe, your ability to discuss the facts of this case is clear that you simply don’t get it. I’ll bet you heard that phrase before, many times I suspect. Also, I have never posted garbage as you have or claimed, I simply tell the truth which many uninformed and uneducated people like you attack. Facts are real and facts are the facts, and thanks for proving me correct.

      • JanCorey on said:

        I’ve been fucking since you posted, can I stop yet cause I am exhausted, although I think I’ve lost about twelve pounds doing what you requested. Thanks.

  11. Here is a question that I have. If Trayvon had been the child of let’s say Oprah, or another Black celebrity, would the outcome for Zimmerman have been the same?

    • JanCorey on said:

      Yaegerj, I expect that if the same prosecution-case was presented against any jury anywhere, the Acquittal was inevitable because the facts bore-out self defense and the shooting wasn‘t a crime in the first place.

      • whiteboyonmollies on said:

        man go to hell.. you are a racist the man killed a child if that child was white your white ass would have burnt Zimmerman but the child was black in a town where most of the town is racist. A Thug don’t get it twisted A thug would have been packing and it would of been Zimmerman’s body in the morgue and Treyvon doing about 30 years. Your type makes me sick how dare you, God is watching know that much and for you that support evil and praises it wait till judgment day you racist……

      • JanCorey on said:

        Whiteboyonmollies, sounds more like it is you that is a racist because George Zimmerman killed Trayvon after Trayvon felony-assaulted Mr. Zimmerman and Trayvon was high on illegal dope while he committed that crime. If that child was white, I would hope that if he did what Trayvon did to Zimmerman, that the victim would be armed and would shoot him as well. The town is not racist either, just you, it so appears, plus you are clearly ignorant to the facts of this case. I can only hope you Trayvonize a victim like Trayvon did and you get a good respond just like Trayvon did. May I suggest you keep your life insurance premiums up to date if you are going to maintain your racist and ignorant profile. Good luck.

      • whiteboyonmollies on said:

        you got to be a racist and someone that does not believe in God Zimmerman is a murdering child molester that will be judge one way or the other no it was not your child Miss Racist lady but it was a child and yes his cousin is not lying Zimmerman and his family is just part of the KKK so you Racist folks has his back for now but once the pressure for the media and the rest of the world build up yall will throw he to the wolves it always happen …….Justice will get served…. oh yeah Know what a THUG is and Travyon was no THUG

  12. jessie on said:

    I hope you have a good source… ’cause if this is bull shit you’re gonna get sued for slander. Zimmerman doesn’t go to jail AND makes some money because he sued your dumb asses.

    • Debbie on said:

      They released deposition of her speaking to the lawyers, she was witness no. 9. His cousin! It is ok to trash the victim, a 17 year boy, for smoking pop, and where gold caps, and holding a gun. But a cousin his blood comes forward as character witness to her cousin. It must be slander, because she is lying FEMALE? It cannot be true because it doesn’t fit the picture certain people want.

    • YouDisgustMe on said:

      Jessie, please don’t ever have kids cus you’re really slow and I hate to see kids inherit a parent’s dumb gene. His cousin has made statements about it. She has also said she feels safer now knowing she won’t ever have to see his bloated face again cus his ass will be too scared to leave his home. Why don’t you use your borrowed internet connection and scour the internet. It won’t be hard to find, brainiac. Everyone has to be a liar except him, right? *eyeroll*

    • Debbie on said:

      It is so easy to check yourself and see if is true. You can check public records and see that it was release as a deposition, Witness no 9. That’s if want to hear the truth. Like the truth that Travyon got into fights and was expelled from school, he smoked pot, he (I think) took a picture of gun. He is first child to do this ever. However hide the fact that Mr. Zimmerman was involved in domestic violence and arrest for hitting a cop. She MOST be lying, his cousin, his blood and flesh. She is female and they are known to be dishonest about things like that.

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