Comedian D.L. Hughley jokes with crew about Dwight Howard before he takes a serious look at the George Zimmerman trial.

6 thoughts on “‘How Come The Screaming Stopped When the Shot Went Off?’- D.L. HUGHLEY

  1. rasil4u on said:

    Excellent point. His life was snuffed out and so was his voice never to be heard again. Zimmerman is a poor liar and i do hope the jury observed his behavior. No remorse whatsoever. I hope he rots in HELL. This is a sad story. Trayvon RIP.

    • D.L. Hughley is a comedian, and I look to him for laugh, but when it come to logical thoughts he is not the first person to come to mind. Of course George Zimmerman stopped screaming after he shot Trayvon, what will be the point to continue to scream when Trayvon is dead, I mean, come com

  2. Cory on said:

    What was there to scream about after that point? When Tm was shot I am pretty sure he was no longer able to attack GZ.

  3. jhuff on said:

    Well if you go by the testimony of Dr. Vincent Di Maio I’d say Tray stopped pounding GZ’s head
    In the cement after he was shot

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