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In next month’s issue of Latina Magazine, “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada opens up about wanting to change her bad girl ways and her life after being the victim of domestic violence.

During the interview with the magazine, which is on newsstands now, Evelyn was asked about the night when her husband, former NFL star Chad Johnson, was arrested for attacking her. Lozada said she knew that this drastic change was about to happen.

“At that point, I knew my life would never be the same. I knew the world was going to laugh at me and be mean and nasty and blame me for everything. But I had no choice. I had to go to the hospital,” she shared.

Following the attack, Evelyn made an appearance on “Iyanla: Fix My Life” to discuss her issues. She admitted to Iyanla Vanzant that it wasn’t the first time Chad was violent towards her.

In addition to her “Fix My Life” appearance, she worked with another life coach Tony Gaskins, Jr. and decided to get baptized again.

“Tony was talking to me about soul ties, and I felt like I needed to cut that cord [with Johnson]. I wanted to do things differently, to start over. I’m still going to be Evelyn, but I have a different vision of my life,” she disclosed.

Now Evelyn is planning to start a foundation called “Pain Is Not Love” that’s dedicated to helping other domestic violence victims.

“I get e-mails every single day from women who are still with their abusive partner and they’re like, ‘I need help,’” she confessed.

Domestic violence is an issue that hits close to home with Evelyn, who was only married to Johnson for less than two months when he head-butted her during an argument.

“I never lifted a finger at him,” she said in response to those who questioned whether or not Chad’s actions were provoked.

Evelyn says she was not looking to become the face of domestic violence, but after her own dealings with the issue decided to help those who are where she’s been.

“I don’t want to wear this hat of being a domestic violence survivor, but this happened to my life. It is what it is. I need to flip it and help people,” she told CelebTV Latina.

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