Today we have not one (eerie keyboards), not two, (eerie keyboards), but three (eerie keyboards) tales of deception, lust and infidelity.

As he and his wife symbolized black love on the cover of Ebony magazine, Denzel Washington is marbles deep inside of a cheating scandal.  A woman claimed she has pictures of she and Denzel together.  And the pictures are rated Malcolm triple X.  This will cause problems for Denzel’s marriage and every black marriage in America because sisters feel like if Mr. Perfect Denzel is sleeping around then they know their trifling husband is cheating.

After a year of lying and denying to everybody Bobbi Kristina finally confessed that she and her man, Nick Gordon, are engaged.  Let me tell you something, ladies, if you have to lie about your man and keep your relationship a secret from family and friends then you are completely normal.

Khloe Kardashian has kicked Lamar out of the house.  According to reports Khloe discovered that Lamar has been cheating on her with a stripper for the past six months.  How could Khloe have not known this?  When Lamar left the house to cheat he always said he was going to practice.  And y’all saw Lamar Odam play last season.  Did it look like that negro was practicing?

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