Everyday you turn on the news, you’re reminded of what a sick and twisted world we’re trying to navigate. A woman riding the New York City subway was stabbed because the assailant believed the victim was looking at her too hard.

39-year-old Heather Burke was on her way to work Monday morning when she got the shock of her life on the No. 6 train. As she rode the train, minding her business, another woman randomly stabbed Burke in the stomach and shoulder. The attacker, Ashley Jacob, already seemed a little agitated when she got on the train and Burke’s “staring” mad her even more mad.

The train headed uptown during morning rush hour, Jacob, 31, attacked Burke as the train arrived at the Lexington-59th St. station. Although Burke was injured in the attack, a fast acting passenger interrupted the attack. Another passenger restrained Ashley Jacob until the police got to the scene. Jacob was taken into custody and put in a restraining device. Heather Burke went to the hospital where she is listed in stable condition.

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