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Remember the Claudia Jordan/Momarosa tussle that went down on the BET Awards red carpet?

Well, Omarosa’s mother, Theresa Manigault got told to go sit down by a judge; she was attempting to get a restraining order against Jordan.

As we reported, Claudia Jordan claimed Omarosa’s 65-year-old mother punched her in the arm. However, Omarosa claimed Claudia’s the one who shoved her mom.

“She started to use profanity at me. As I was walking the carpet, she began to be physically aggressive” … and used “her shoulder to try to knock me off balance,” according to Mrs. Manigault via court papers.

Well, the judge didn’t see any immediate threat because Mom’s request to keep Claudia 20 yards away was denied, reports TMZ.

If you’re wondering what Claudia Jordan has to say about what happened, she told Baller Alert that Omarosa walked by, called her a b*tch and her mother punched her in the arm, which led to Claudia giving old girl an earful.

“I told her that she should probably get out of Michael [Clarke Duncan’s] house. She’s squatting in it. I’ve seen the docs. But anyways, we are not here for Omarosa and that monkey face b***,” Claudia told Baller Alert.

But Omarosa had a different spin on what went down. Here’s what she told Hip Hollywood:

“You know my mother. You know my mother wouldn’t punch Claudia Jordan in the face.”

“They bumped into each other, but there was never a punch thrown. It’s a non-story.”

All of the bad blood between Claudia and the Manigault women is over the on-going beef that started when Omarosa took issue with Claudia tweeting at Michael Clarke Duncan’s funeral.

Meanwhile, Omarosa’s mother will get a chance to go in on Claudia during a hearing scheduled for July 24.

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