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File this under ewwwww!!! An employee of Golden Corral in Port Orange, FL filmed the unsanitary practices that were going on in his restaurant and if you’ve ever eaten there before, you may think twice about returning anytime soon after you see the videos! If what he is claiming is true…let’s just hope it isn’t or that it has been fixed! Check it out!

It takes guts to do what this young man did! He did not have to do anything except for not eat that food and keep his mouth shut but instead he showed disregard for his own gainful employment and told the truth in order to protect people from what could be some very serious illnesses or possibly death! We salute that young man and hope that he did not lose his job over this. If Golden Corral has any sense then they would give that guy a promotion and make him a part of their management team because he has moxy!


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