Amanda Bynes has added two more famous names to her “ugly” list.

During her downward spiral, the troubled actress has labeled “ugly” such celebs as Drake, Zac Efron, Rihanna, Lance Bass, Courtney Love, Jenny McCarthy, Miley Cyrus and John Legend’s model girlfriend Chrissy Teigen. She also tagged her own father with the term.


On Monday morning, Bynes turned her attention to the White House, tweeting: “Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!”

In April, Bynes hit up the President on Twitter after she was arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated and sideswiping a police car. “I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me,” she asked the leader of the free world. “I also don’t hit and run. The end.”

5 thoughts on “Amanda Bynes Calls President Obama and First Lady ‘Ugly’

  1. Buttons on said:

    Amanda Byness who??? She is meaningless. Nobody is stuttin’ her, thus her bizarre outburst for attention. She’s a Lindsey Lohan wannabe.

  2. stephanie on said:

    That little girl obviously has some mental issues and her family really needs to seek help for her before she ends up dead somewhere. Keeping up with her list of “ugly” people is not the issue here, it’s her mental stability.

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