(Photos: Instagram)

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5 thoughts on “Robert Griffin Ties the Knot to College Sweetheart (PHOTOS)

  1. Linda M.Leake on said:

    No they didn’t jump no broom, that’s our tradition not hers, not to many black bridesmaids, therefore not many black friends do she have. next will come babies a trap, hope there was a prenup, but doubt it.

  2. Linda M.Leake on said:

    IT’S all about money & him helping her family, he is just a sell out,she stalked him on the side all of them do. NBA & NFL,’s to many of us in college for these rich dummies to sell out.I know they see $ signs oh well.

    • Linda M.Leake on said:

      No I don’t think so, it’s not her tradition only blacks do that, not to many black friends I read, & certainly not many in the wedding party, all grooms men were black except 1 or two, why is that? 1 black bridesmaid, oh well that tells me a lot about her.I read he is not one of us, not for our causes, just do not participate in any civil rights movement, or anything pretaining to blacks. causes, WOW I need to read more & the more I read I am not his fan.

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