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My memory of Kevin Hart stems back to his nascent days on BET’s “Comic View” and Def Comedy Jam. Before there was the catalyst comedic performance “Seriously Funny” was “I’m A Grown Little Man” where the whole “I eat a** face” joke originated. And, despite mainstream reviews, we can’t omit “Soul Plane” from our repertoire of hood classics. Say what you want, but it is a memorable comedy among “Paper Soldiers” and “Something Like A Business.”

Yesterday, Kevin hosted a private screening of his upcoming Film “Let Me Explain” (July 3rd) at the Regal Theatre in Union Square, NYC. The promotional posters planted around the cinema space boast the line “witness the rise of a legend,” which Kevin humbly called a “typo.” Smack dab in the center one of NYC  most trafficked areas, Kevin, his day one friends (cue that ubiquitous Drake phrase “No New Friends”) who double as his entourage, posed for photos with fans and stopped to talk to the press. Later in the film, Kevin jokes about his level of celebrity. Somewhere between the atmosphere and stratosphere, where he doesn’t quite needs to be worried about snipers, maybe some taunting sexual gestures (it will all make sense when you see his standup), Kev still remains down-to-earth. Even after selling out the garden (two nights in a row), a feat in its own, he wasn’t obnoxious enough to arrive late to his own event. Promptly, around 7, his petite foot tapped the red carpet where he spoke to almost all of the media outlets.

Anticipation was high as the exclusive audience packed a corner viewing room in Regal. Kevin and his team occupied most of the orchestra seats, while the rest of us sat so close to the screen we felt apart of the movie. Upon Kevin’s word, the film began and so did the laughter. The first scene, a staged party that sets up the premise for “Let Me Explain.” He is confronted by party goers who took the opportunity to confront Hart with every TMZ headline they’ve ever felt offended by, including the dark-skin scandal that died down quickly.

Finally, after being fed up with accusations Hart decides to address the controversies at the Garden! Not sure what to expect, his previous stand-ups were so funny, I wasn’t sure how he could compete, but “Let Me Explain” lives up to the hype! It didn’t take long until the theater erupted in boisterous, tear-jerking laughter. The kind of laughter that makes reach for your kidneys because it hurts.

“Let Me Explain” is a must see for couples. It confronts the ridiculous relationship antics that lovers can so easily resonate with. And, that’s one of Hart’s greatest strengths. His jokes are real life scenarios, therefore making it impossible not to respond with merriment.

My only gripe with “Let Me Explain” is that it is so good, I wanted it to be longer! Maybe he should title his next release “I Need More.”

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