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Reverend Al Sharpton wants people to know the George Zimmerman trial is about two civilians he explains to the TJMS, saying, “We’re talking about an adult civilian following a civilian minor and killing him.” Adding, Zimmerman was not “justified” and did not have the right to approach Trayvon Martin about anything.  Take a listen to find out what else the Rev had to say.

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14 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton on George Zimmerman’s Self Defense Claim & More

  1. lilmoore on said:

    Trayvon Martin is dead, right? Who killed him, who shot the gun? Believe what you will. Just remember if another case comes up , and zimmeramn is found innocent. They will use this case as precedent. It might be someone that you or I may know.

    • Willis on said:

      I’m an African American but people like Al Sharpton keep the racial divide going and are more racist than most whites. He keeps the racial divide open wide as ever so he can “think” he is a viable civil rights leader. MLK is rolling in his grave. Justice will prevail but unfortunately people like Al and a few other so called black leaders will cause this to become a riot- retire Al and get out of the Civil Rights business, you give us a bad name

  2. facts on said:

    This dumbass runs his mouth before he thinks remember twana Bradley in Va Beach,Va ,Five White Guys beat her up truned out to be a Hoax,He should shut up till he gets the facts.

  3. bubba wilson on said:

    No way zimmerman is convicted on evidence.its not there!!!.however to appease the black militant pc crowd he just might be.god knows we all have to pay for things that happened to blacks 150 years ago.geeze

  4. DeePierce on said:

    EVERYONE PLEASE READ!!! Everyone is so focus on where Zimmerman said the fight started at the top “T”, but I do not think it started there. DO YOU REMEMBER in Zimmerman’s reenactment Trayvon came out of nowhere and punched him in the face, which led to him falling on the ground where Trayvon got on top of him, started pounding his head to the concrete, and placed his hands on GZ nose and mouth BUT HOW? Do you remember Zimmerman had his flash light. WHERE WAS IT? ON THE GROUND? IN HIS HAND? Remember when the lead detective integrated GZ on his 911 call and kept asking him about his locations during the call, which GZ tells him he was going over to the next street to find an address and comes back to the “T”. The lead Detective then tells him he had 1 min and 40 sec unaccounted for, GZ tells the Detective he was hitting his flashlight on his hand to get it to start working again. So, the flashlight was still in his hand at the “T”. In Racheal testimony she says while Trayvon was running she lost contact with him but called him back and he answered, then she says she heard a bump hit the ear piece and also heard two voices, one was a man’s (GZ) voice and the other was Trayvon saying “What are you following me for” and then saying ” Get off, Get off”. She then heard them tussling in the grass (dog path) and then started calling Trayvon’s name and then the phone went out. But do you remember he so called best friend also mentioned GZ saying he walked down the “dog path” and that GZ did not go down the next street because there is light on that street and Zimmerman would have seen Trayvon’s shadow if he would have went that way. Also the friend said when GZ was walking back to the “dog path” to go to his car but met up with Trayvon, who tells him “You have a problem MF”. THE FRIEND’S STORY AND ZIMMERMAN’S STORY DOESN’T ADD UP (PLEASE GO BACK AND LISTEN TO HIS TESTIMONY FOR YOURSELF). All the evidence (cell phone, earpiece, bag, iced tea, skittles, and even Zimmerman’s flashlight) was found near Trayvon body on the “dog path”, nothing was found where GZ says the fight started. Zimmerman’s searched and searched for that poor child, who screamed for help, and murdered him. AFTER ALL THIS BEING SAID YOU DO THE MATH!!!

  5. Anne on said:

    This was not self-defense it was second degree murder. Zimmerman clearly profiled and pursued Trayvon with a loaded armed gun. If Zimmerman did not have ill-will, spite and/or a depraved mind, he would not have used such derogatory, vulgar language to describe a complete stranger, then exit his vehicle to pursue and follow and ultimately confront this individual while armed with a loaded gun. If there was a scuffle it’s because Zimmerman was the aggressor in following and pursuing Trayvon which would have incited fear in anyone and may have caused Trayvon to feel the need to protect himself. Yet Zimmerman only received “insignificant” “minor” injuries (as described by the expert medical examiner) and a reasonable person would not have used deadly force in that situation. If Zimmerman gets off that means that anyone can profile, pursue, and follow a person while armed with a loaded gun, incite fear, and then kill that person. Based on his so-called injuries or in actuality the lack of significant injuries and the fact that he created the entire scenario, Zimmerman clearly used excessive force and cannot rightfully claim self defense.

    • Willis on said:

      Anne, quit watching the biased news on both can see this is totally racially motivated trial- wait for the facts as most have not come out yet and quit being black for a minute and be an American watching justice- yes, our system is screwed but it shouldn’t be skewed by the likes of Al Sharpton and other congressional clowns and convict a guy before he goes through the system and please my brothers, do make the whites fear us any more than they do by stealing shit and burning down the city like we did in LA..sometimes in our black culture its hard to think on our own and when we do, we are bad mouthed….quit following the crowd and let his takes its course

      • Anne on said:

        STOP pretending to be black! Anyway, regardless of your race your assumptions are WRONG. My personal opinion is based on my own viewing of the State’s case in chief and so far the defense has not presented any cross examination or any of their own evidence to change my position. Most of the biased commentators that I’ve heard are pro defense so I am obviously not being influenced by them. I have made my own assessment based on the law and facts presented thus far.

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