Olympic track star and bobsledder Lolo Jones in an attempt at humor offended many people with her insensitive joke targeted towards Rachel Jeantel.


Jeantel, was the last person to talk to Trayvon Martin on the night he was killed by George Zimmerman.

This week she has been on the stand as the prosecution’s star witness but the 19-year-old’s appearance, speech and mannerisms have thrust her into the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

Do you think Lolo Jones was wrong for the tweet? Or was it all in good fun?

22 thoughts on “SMH: Lolo Jones Mocks Rachel Jeantel On Twitter: ‘Madea Goes To Court’

  1. Most of you people are idiots. She is not your average black teen. She speaks 3 languages!!!!! Her Native tongue is haitian, she speaks spanish, and english is her 3rd language. She was treated as a liar not a witness the defense showed any respect and talked to her like a child. What, did we all expect Trayvon’s so called girlfriend to be this cute little thing from the Cosby Show????? Any one embarrassed by her needs to look in the mirror because you don’t know her and she don’t know you to be trying to embarrass black people. Get over yourselves!

  2. Sad Disappointed on said:

    Leave Lolo alone. She could have said much worse about this witness. Rachel needed to be better prepped on basic things like projecting her voice. If we are no longer holding parents responsible I blame her attorney(s) for not doing a mock trial with her in preparation. This is taking away from Trayvon’s family receiving justice. Sad and disappointed.

  3. Mario on said:

    Until it comes out that RJ has a mental disability, this girl is a disgrace to black women….ANYONE who defends her, must be just as dumb as she is.

  4. Why are you embarrassed by her actions PJ? She’s not your relative or child. I feel bad for Rachel, not sorry. I’m not embarrassed by her because I don’t feel personally responsible for every black person actions. I’m also way past giving a darn about what white people or any other group of people think of black folks. We all know that some people will always see blacks in a negative light no matter what we do (i.e. President, doctors, lawyer, etc.). None of us know enough about her to understand her totally. All we saw was her behavior when she was in an extremely stressful situation.

    I hope Rachel will learn and grow from her experience over the last two days. She’s still young and can still change. I heard she’s from Haiti and maybe that’s why it was hard to understand what she was saying or why she could not read cursive. When it’s all said and done Rachel will fade back into the background and be forgotten. I wish her all the best.

  5. Wow! Apparently, everyone here believes that they are entitled to an opinion, but Lolo isn’t. BS. I personally found humor in what she said and did not find it to abhorrent, although perhaps a little too soon. As a black man, I was embarrassed by how this young lady conducted herself. Her disposition was horrible and she was unable to communicate any more effectively than a third grade child. Why is everyone jumping to the conclusion that this young lady has a learning disability. This is more commonplace than people want to believe or acknowledge, especially in black and under-served communities across the country. Where is the outrage behind that!?

  6. Home Health on said:

    She’s a typical african american teen…society should already know our language and how “we” act. There is nothing wrong with this young lady, it’s frustrating for her..she’s broadcasted all over the country. So just leave her alone. We got “Ms. Queen Haley” trying to take jabs. Please biotch!

  7. pac4me on said:

    Lolo thought she was being funny (shame on her) – this poor child certainly was not prepared for any of the attorney’s questions, demeanor, lack of respect, and we could go on & on. For one of her own to ridicule her is not a funny matter. We have to show some empathy for her total lack of knowledge and blame those who did not coach her prior to her appearing on the stand

    • WillowFan on said:

      pac4me I totally agree with your sentiments, she is a teen and I don’t believe in adults making fun of kids/teens in a hurtful manner. Funny how some people take issue with this young person, but not long ago people also took issue with Gabby – I guess she also was an embarrassment (at least her hair). You are right, apparently the legal team wanted her to come off as authentic as possible as her facts are what’s needed to assist in getting justice for Trayvon and not the clowning she had to endure by the opposing team.

  8. SayWhat on said:

    Lolo is the little engine that couldn’t. I guess it makes her feel good to put down someone because it takes away from her own failures.

    • Victory on said:

      Little engine that couldn’t – I LOVE IT!!!! If she put more effort into being a successful track star rather than trying to be funny, maybe she might win one mete at the olympics.

  9. da Creature on said:

    I got my own opinion about Ms. Jeantel but this Lolo chick is just another high-yella b***h with head up her a**. As for Ms. Jeantel, her performance on the stand was awful. I know she’s young, immature and nervous about being a witness in this trial. But she had a full year to get head around this case.
    If this is an example of the future of Black America, then Black people are in a world of hurt.

  10. Serpentine on said:

    In the most important race in her life…the Olympics.(2008)..can she say, cross the finish line without falling? Amid all the hipe for her 2012 run and her being the favorite…can she say 4th place? Some people should not comment, when they live in a glass house.

  11. Lolo I have you on DVD busting your ass in the hurdles and losing again! I think I will call it WTF were you thinking.

  12. Yolanda Penn on said:

    This was an ignorant statement and uncalled for. Wo in the hell does she think tht she is….we will destroy her career

  13. Lolo was trying to be funny. However, she wasn’t. Regardless of the serious nature of the topic at hand, it still just wasn’t funny. There was no correlation between the witness’s testimony and Madea. This isn’t Lolo’s first attempt at humor. She really needs to stop. It’s really OK to be quiet and not comment on everything that you are thinking.

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