CHICAGO (AP) — Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson says he’s agreed to help celebrity chef Paula Deen try to make amends for her past use of a racial slur, saying she shouldn’t become a “sacrificial lamb” over the issue of racial intolerance.

Jackson told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Deen called him this week, and they discussed how she might recover.

Jackson says if Deen is willing to acknowledge mistakes and make changes, “she should be reclaimed rather than destroyed.”

Jackson says he’s more troubled by racial disparities in jobs, lending, health care, business opportunities and the criminal justice system.

Her admission of using the slur first came in a lawsuit deposition. It later cost her an endorsement deal with Smithfield Foods and her job with the Food Network.

7 thoughts on “Rev. Jesse Jackson: Paula Deen Can Be ‘Redeemed’

  1. Al E. on said:

    Since when does Civil Rights mean black only. Where is the outcry over this racist politician. Or is it ok because she is black ?

  2. Jesse you can’t redeem her. You don’t have that power. She has not said these things many years ago. Go read the lawsuit. And also who do you think you are. You can’t absolve her and I never have nor never will buy, watch, read, or listen to her.

    The message you are sending is even when whites are wrong, it is okay they can always be washed away.

  3. truthHurts on said:

    !!!!Mr. Jackson there are other atrocities that are afflecting Black Americans, lets focus on those & help our black men who have been victimized by the Judicial system redeem themselves…..”????WHERE ARE OUR TRUE BLACK LEADERS”

  4. Truth be told! on said:

    Forgiveness is key in this matter! Im black and I could care less. I forgive Paula and life goes on! Get over it folks!!

  5. Tami on said:

    Those of us who watch Scandal know that we are being “handled”. I am sure that Jesse could find more important issues to handle, but they probably don’t come with money, or some type of future kickback. Jr. didn’t fall to far from the tree.

  6. Yolanda Penn on said:

    It’s funny tht he can use his voice to support this but not e president doing something about all of the deaths in Chicago he needs to reserve his voice for bigger and better issues. Like helping to get jobs…

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