Mary Mary members Erica and Tina Campbell are mourning the loss of their father, Eddie Atkins.

According to accounts on the Facebook and Twitter pages of various Adkins family members, Mr. Atkins, a church Elder is no longer with us.

News reports say he died after a long battle with cancer.

Elder Adkins made several appearances on the We TV docuseries  “Mary Mary” and was clearly a loving patriarch.

Erica and Tina stated in an NPR interview that their father’s role as a street preacher during their younger years laid the foundation for their far-reaching style.

We will share more details as they become available.

Mary Mary acknowledged their father’s passing in the following tweets:

‘Our hearts are heavy but we can rejoice knowing our father knew we Loved him RIP Elder Eddie A Atkins Jr. Rest in the arms of Jesus, Daddy”

“Thanks 4 all the kind words & prayers sent today. Our Dad was a great man, but he’s with Jesus now he taught us how to pray & trust God”

This story is developing.

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