Tom, Sybil and J. Anthony Brown are split on the topic of whether Paula Deen deserved to be fired. Take a listen to find out which crew members support Deen.

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6 thoughts on “Did Paula Deen Deserve to Be Fired??- TOP OF THE MORNIN’

  1. Wadsworth on said:

    I saw Chris Reid on TMZ giving his opinion about the Paula Deen story. He apparently thought it was funny to use the “N” word twice while making his remarks. The word is not acceptable whether spoken by an idiot like Paula Deen who thinks her grandfathers slaves were workers, or an idiot like Chris Reid who thinks its some kind of joke.

    • sherpy on said:

      I think Chris Reid is willing to forgive Paula Deen because under her empire, he would be allowed to work out front and greet the white guests

  2. sherpy on said:

    I was really disappointed in Sybil. I have always respected her opinion as opposed to J. Anthony Brown who seems to adore europeans. I wonder is Sybil was aware of the other allegations against Paula Deen including paying blacks less than whites; relegating dark-skinned blacks (like J) to the kitchens where they would not come into contact with the public. Did she see the video of Paula Deen in New York when she said that she has a black friend named Hollis who is as black as a board? I don’t condone or purchase songs by rappers who use the N-word. but let’s face reality, a black person using the N-word is hardly the same as some fat southern white bimbo using this offensive word. Correct me if I am wrong, there were no black rapper slave holders that I can recall

  3. Laura on said:

    Are you serious J and Sybil? You are comparing a white woman who was raised in the south using the N-Word to rappers using it in music. She also wanted to reenact slavery in a wedding. Is that ok to get a pass? She did not learn the word from rap music or from working around black people; she learned it from her family history. It is not the same. No one should use the word but to compare the two situation, its not the same. Should she be fired yes, no one should be associated with a woman who thinks its ok to use the word and treat blacks like slaves. In the same way I do not buy music or support people who use the word. To confirm Sybil, none of the white musician you mention used the N word. Get your facts straight before implying anything. If the Hispanic community or the Asian community have a word they want to use among themselves, it does not and will never give me the right to use the word as well. Using the N word is a problem in our community and we should address it. If you are so against people using it don’t play any of the music on the show that has it, don’t tell jokes with the N-word in it. Do not laugh when someone use it. Do not contribute to the problem and then complain about it. Don’t hate if you tolerate. You want to bring up what she’s done. Look I’m not calling her evil but there are a lot of evil people that do good, doing good does not erase the evil you done. The only person who can erase any evil in you is Christ, even then you have to come to Him and repent of your wicked ways.

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