Rihanna‘s fiery “I don’t give a f—” personality is no secret; unfortunately, one fan in Birmingham, UK learned this the hard way.

During a performance of the hit song “We Found Love”, Rihanna was being escorted with security on the floor level to get up close and personal with the fans.

It seemed like a routine performance until one fan got a little too handsy with the Bajan beauty.

In the video, you can see a fan tug at Rihanna’s arm one too many times. Finally, around the third time being pulled the songstress turned around and took a swing at the fan with her microphone.

The fans standing near the person on the wrong end of Rihanna’s mic can be seen looking in shock while Rihanna doesn’t skip a beat and continues her song.

Do you think Rihanna was wrong for what she did? Do you think the fan will sue?

6 thoughts on “Rihanna Hits Fan In the Face with Mic (VIDEO)

  1. littlelenka on said:

    What happened to Rihanna? On LOUD tour she was singing live and has respect for fans making her famous, now her voice is mainly from tape and she beats fans… Additionally she is late for her performances (2 hours!) |The conclusion is one – SHE HAS HER FANS IN BUT!

  2. redbone1954 on said:

    even thought I don’t listen to her music I agree that she was right the fan had no right to try and man handle her I hope he has an injust and let him try and sue touching someone can be an assault so he should have kept his hands to his self

  3. Monette H. on said:

    Rihanna was right, and she got her point across. The fan violated her more than once. What would you do if someone was grabbing on you? It falls in the same lines of that guy smacking Beyonce’s butt. It’s just disrespectful. Celebrity status doesn’t mean that they can be man-handled from their fans. They are human beings. Period. What’s up with the bodyguard, though. He just kept letting it happen.

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