Home sweet home. We all invest in protecting our belongings from purchasing insurance to installing home security systems. But there are easy things that we sometimes forget to do to keep our belongings and loved ones safe from harm. Here are a few tips:

1.    Changing smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries regularly: When you hear the warning beep, don’t ignore it. Replace the batteries as soon as possible.

2.    Create an escape plan and have regular family fire drills. Be prepared.

3.    Unplug electric blankets and heaters when not in use. Fires resulting from heaters are common in the winter so remember to disconnect them before retiring.

4.    Store flammable liquids, such as gas for the lawnmower, cans of paint and charcoal lighter fluid in proper containers.

5.    Invest in fire extinguishers. Keep one in the kitchen and on the second level of your home.

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One thought on “A Safe House: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Family Out of Danger

  1. Hi!
    Cherie, the home regulations and security be the serious matters to live a liberated life. I have two children, they are almost spend their time at home. Thus, it’s needed to stay connected with the situation of my house. I am using electric cameras to keep the contact with my family for safety reason. Great safety tips.

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