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Singer Mariah Carey is hooking up with director Lee Daniels “The Butler,” for a part that, at first glance, makes one go, “huh?”

But then again if you’ve followed her film career, Carey, a high maintenance glamour queen in real life, seems to go for gritty, down-to-earth characters on film. And when you work for Daniels that’s pretty much what you’re going to play.

As we’ve reported, “The Butler” tells the story Eugene Allen, a longtime White House service worker starring Forest Whitaker.

In addition to Whitaker playing the lead role, the highly anticipated production’s cast also includes high profile names like Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, John Cusack, Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr., Alan Rickman and Terrence Howard, among others.

Daniels has cast music stars in his other films. If you recall, “Precious” featured both Lenny Kravitz and Carey in supporting roles, which were the complete opposite of their off-screen personas.

Carey is teaming up with Daniels again for “The Butler”, in a part that is against type to say the least.

As you can see from the photo above, which recently surfaced, Mariah Carey plays what appears to be the role of a slave named Hattie Pearl in the film.

According to IMDB, “The Butler” is scheduled to be released on August 16, 2013.

What do you think? Is Mariah Carey believable as a slave?

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29 thoughts on “REALLY?: Mariah Carey Plays a Field Slave Named Hattie Pearl in ‘The Butler’

  1. Crave on said:

    Actually her father is from New York, her grandfather is from Venezuela but her grandmother is from Alabama so I’m pretty sure her ancestors did work pick cotton. Not everyone worked in house only favorites so it’s do able stop hating.

  2. Lucy Pearl on said:

    If you know history , Mariah Carey would be a “Mulatto” or mixed slave .. Masters had mixed slaves as well .. So .. learn your history ..

  3. tiffany love on said:

    You people are idiots if you thought all light skin folks was in house slaves at the end of the day light skin or not you was still a nigg** in masters eyes

  4. Chris on said:

    This is so inaccurate, she is to light to be a field slave and with that light brown hair and her pale olive skin, just so off. They should have done better.

  5. Tangier on said:

    I think it’s actually more accurate than most are considering at first glance…
    How many white slave drivers were having sex with black slaves and pretending the offspring were something less than their fully white children? Everyone just turning their heads…It became custom to keep them in the fields; working; to pretend they were not products of their rapings. I’m sure the more these slave owners ‘dabbled’ in the brown sugar they owned; the fields began to fill with milatto children. Okay-how many of them could work in the house at one time? When you have 12 children with 5 different slaves you can’t hide them all inside the house to make it easy on them. By the end of a generation-there’d be no one left in the field to do the work! Hmmmm….of course a half white slave existed,. Probably more often than not. Especially if the owner paid top dollar for the best specimens on the auction block. How long could he possibly resist taking the best advantage of his well spent money? F*ckers.

  6. kathryn Binns on said:

    No way in hell would she be working out in the field come on yall lets keep this shit real keep it 100 now you know and everybody knows that this is some bullshit if your gonna tell the story tell it right DAMN

  7. There were half million biracial slaves at the end of the war. Some light and darker worked inside the plantations. Inside or out they were still abused/tortured and humiliated.

  8. i will just have to wait and see what the movie looks like.
    most of the people mentnioned will be in it.
    so, i am sure mariah will do a great job. she did in precisous., i am sure she will do it in this.

  9. Mallory on said:

    I do want to know if they are going to move her into the big house, because c’mon there was NO WAY someone as light as her would of been out working the field…c’mon Steve McQueen as a black film maker YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS. And to the one person who commented that it was possible, that’s totally farce–you think a woman, a white woman had much control over what her husband did with his slaves, he was HER bread and butter, he was the one providing a roof over HER head; not the other way around—white women had just as little say as black when it comes to talking to the man (the white man).

  10. Mallory on said:

    I don’t care if Mariah is playing in this role, she was surprisingly good in Precious and you know what I can respect a singer that picks roles that are challenging and aren’t afraid to get a little gritty–a la reveal themselves WITHOUT makeup–I much rather her play roles like these than try to be like Beyonce, who cannot act, let alone speak without sounding like some southern hood rat. But unlike Beyonce she finds roles that don’t rely on her singing. That to me is commendable in itself so I am willing to give Mariah a chance; and that’s a big thing coming from a Theater major, because I normally HATE seeing singers try to be actors because they usually are only doing it for the glory.

    • Brian on said:

      C’mon be fair, Beyonce’s a decent actress. Certainly not Oscar-worthy, and she does depend on her singing, but she did quite well in her last role as Etta James in Cadillac Records. She even gained 20 lbs for the role and wore no makeup and played scenes where she was (portraying) being doped up on heroin. She did well and was raw and gritty and let herself be ugly. There’s no need for all this unnecessary hate, I think both Mariah and Beyonce are great and they’ve fulfilled their roles well. And I look forward to seeing Mariah in this film, despite the supposed inaccuracy of her skin tone–I don’t think that should matter this much.

  11. Is this a punk segment that Mariah without her make up, and garb is in this movie? ok, whose the jokester, or you all must be paying her big time for her to be without her hair being done, and makeup.

  12. Jean on said:

    Seriously Folks! Does it really matter that she potrays a slave? The point is she wants to appear in more gritty roles, and what is wrong with that?

  13. jazzdancer on said:

    White men had so many babies by black women during slavery that some of them were bound to be field hands or work outside the big house. This is rarely mention of course and white folks (and us) rather not discuss it. For us it’s a source of shame (black is the race, yellow is a disgrace) and for white folks it forces the question, “what happen to all those near white folks.” Which they must concede have passed into the American white society.

  14. jhuff on said:

    Sure it’s do’able remember the movie “Drum” but like in that movie the “hi yellas” worked in the house
    not in the fields..and Massuh didn’t let them mix with the dark ones (he wanted more hi-yellas)

  15. Greuvey on said:

    She did really well as the social worker in Precious, so I’m sure she’ll be good in this role too. Though I think in reality she would’ve been a slave who ran away and “passed” as white in a northern city. Just sayin.

  16. Phyllis J. on said:

    Yes it could work….and there’s nothing wrong with her skin color either–because the white “masters” were always having babies with slave girls. I can judge better once I see the film, but love the “Diva” MC. Congrats to her!!

  17. Jasmine on said:

    She’s too white to be trying to play a slave! I was so thrilled when Oprah was talking about her role in this film,not thrilled any more knowing This woman is in the film. Not looking forward to seeing it any more!

    • Buckwheats Momma on said:

      Mariah playing a small role in the film as a salve would prevent you from seeing the film? Really? How foolish. LOL!

  18. Markfromfroanoke on said:

    Well of course some would wonder why. But, there were “high yellas’ ” back then, my family was and still is haha! But kudos M.C.

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