porsha-stewartLet me start by saying we at HelloBeautiful are #TeamPorsha, so when I came across this story I actually thought twice about posting it.

Porsha Stewart was allegdly cheating with a local ATL businessman and that is the reason why Kordell is divorcing her so says FreddyO.

The man in question is media mogul and NASCAR team owner Ralo Wonder and allegedly played in the part of the divorce drama.Kordell learned of the affair, but didn’t have the proof at the time.

It all may be coming to light since one of Ralo’s disgruntled business associates got a hold of Ralo’s cell phone with tons of evidence in it.

The associate is threatening to go to the media if he’s not paid money that he claims is owed to him.

Imagine if this person actually got his story sold somwhere. The skeletons would plummet out of the closet if this turns out to be true. We can guarantee Ralo and Porsha definitely do not want that to happen.

But wait, there’s more. Ralo is engaged to Crystal Mocahantas, who is rumored to be replacing one of the Atlanta housewives. Porsha and her divorce battle will only get worse if this information is released, especially after she claimed that Kordell changed the locks on her. If these two ladies ended up on RHOA together the ratings would be through the roof.

Can you say DRAMA!!!!!

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Kordell Stewart Says Porsha’s Dire Financial Problems Are Her Own Fault

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One thought on “Did Porsha Stewart’s Cheating Cause Divorce?

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