If children are involved they will feel that they are the reason for the stress and strain on mom and dad. Two working parents ina household can work, but both must agree to equally push forward to balance everything. Cleaning cooking and domestic activities must be clearly and routinely divided. Schedules must be implemented Routines set in place that are unbreakable.

#2 Rushing into marriage. The euphoria of being in love pushes many people to say I do. What they don’t realize is that saying that “I do” does not mean that person “does”. You will often hear couple who lived together and dated for years, get the “It’s about time to marry and rush into the actual marriage phase. Five years later, once the “honeymoon” phase is over you wake up next to a total stranger and realize that you have made a huge error in judgment. The moral of this is that true love can wait and if your relationship is meant to be, putting off the wedding won’t hurt it.

#3 Infidelity. Cheating is another cause of marriage failure and there are many reasons why a spouse cheats. The number one reason why is because they are looking for something outside of the marriage that they do not have in the marriage. A lack of communication is often why a spouse strays. Although some spouses can forgive infidelity and move on, many marriages end in divorce. The other side is that emotional and sexually they are no longer thrilled by the newness.

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