Michael Jackson’s family is apparently not happy with the possibility of Paris’ biological mom Debbie Rowe becoming her legal guardian in the wake of her suicide attempt – this according to TMZ.

The website quotes sources connected with the family who say Paris is having trouble connecting with her grandmother and official co-guardian, Katherine Jackson, and that’s one of the reasons she’s established a bond with Debbie over the last few months.

Although Debbie has not made any move to become Paris’ guardian after last week’s suicide attempt, she’s amenable if Paris wants it.

TMZ says sources claim members of the family feel Debbie’s motivation is to put herself in the public eye, as evidenced by her statement to the media after the suicide attempt. As one source said, “If her intentions were pure she’d be speaking to the family.”

TMZ says, “The criticism is puzzling, because Debbie has stayed out of the spotlight for years, and her statement about Paris had nothing to do with guardianship — it was merely confirming TMZ’s story that Paris had attempted suicide. Also interesting … the family is not suggesting Debbie’s motivation is money.”

The judge in the guardianship case is currently reviewing Katherine’s guardianship to determine if she’s able to properly care for Paris and her siblings, Prince Michael and Blanket.

7 thoughts on “Jackson Family Against Debbie Rowe Becoming Paris’ Guardian

  1. tyrone on said:

    Those children need to KNOW, once & for all, who is their BIOLOGICAL father via a DNA test. They don’t look like ANY of the Jacksons. Their hair should have curled long time ago. Their noses don’t look like a black person’s nose, nor their lips.

  2. Julie on said:

    I think they are afraid she might get some of the money. I hope Debbie gets her, Paris doesn’t need to be involved in that stressful circus of a family anymore.

    • Beth on said:

      Julie, she is an heir to Jackson money. Paris is going to be stressful the rest of her life. Do not put this on the family. The media and public is causes this girl stress more than anything because the media print lies and the public eat it up.

  3. aris is a 15 year old rebellious teen. All of us who have children understand the challenges in getting these teen through those years. Paris is an adult, she is the typical teen who thinks she knows everything and wants to have it her way. Mrs Jackson has raised several children, none of whom are in prison. She had her rules and Paris has to abide by them until she is 18 period or go elsewhere. She cannot have the stronghold over Mrs. Jackson. The sad part is Mrs. Jackson is a seasoned woman who should be enjoying her twilight years and not having the stress of dealing with a strong-willed teen, but this is what her son left. He entrusted his children to his mother’s care because he trusted her to do the right thing by those babies. His next person was Diana Ross, not his sisters, nor his brothers – so that in itself speaks volumes. Eventually, Paris will probably have some semblance of a relationship with her birth Mother – why I do not know, I would not want a relationship with a host that sold me for $8million dollars. Paris needs a good behind whipping, she is not grown, she is not in charge. Isn’t that what we tell our teen children until we can get them through and this is what that Judge should be telling Ms. Paris. If that doesn’t work, send her disrespectful behind to Bootcamp, to cut her wrist because she could not go to a concert wreaks a spoiled brat. Mrs. Jackson cannot and I believe will not allow some teen to manipulate her in that manner, because she like me is from the old school. Any decent parent will know this for what it is and not allow Paris to get away with these spoiled behaviors. Teens need guidance and direction and that is what Mrs. Jackson is giving her. If not, let her go to Diana’s house and I guarantee you Ms Ross won’t take her crap. She will be fine if people leave them alone and allow Mrs. Jackson to continue her rearing. There is nothing wrong with being austere on teens. Had Mrs. Jackson let her go and something happened to her, then everyone would want to cast blame on Mrs. Jackson, so until she is 18 she has to do what Mrs. Jackson says – period. She has her best interests at heart, not these other vultures!

    • Debbie Rowe got her $8 million money when she sold her child and contracted not to have anything to do with her. Michael left a mess, it is sad all the way around. This is just a rebellious teen’s attempt to get her way and divide and conquer.

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