Aasha Davis

Aasha Davis is known for playing characters like Waverly Grady on “Friday Night Lights” and Bina in Parish, but last night on NBC’s “Dateline” the actress let us into her personal life, sharing one of her darkest memories.

The 39-year-old opened up about her sister’s death, and her brother-in-law who recently received a 15 years-to-life prison sentence for her murder.

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Four years ago Davis was on the rise in Hollywood with roles in Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy and ER… then tragedy stuck. Davis’ 46-year-old sister, Lesley Herring, went missing after a fight with her husband Lyle Herring. Davis reported her sister missing after she failed to show up for work, as her husband neglected to do so.

Davis continued to search for her missing sister on her own and then with the help of the LAPD. In 2010 Herring was arrested, for murdering his wife, nearly 15-months after her disappearance. April 8, Herring was convicted of second-degree murder.

“I’m telling you my darkest secrets because I think it’s gonna help someone,” she said during the the interview. “I think someone’s gonna say, ‘You know, she’s an actress. And they supposedly have it all.’ But everyone has a hard time. Everyone’s life can be difficult. And it’s okay to talk about it.”

Check out a clip from the heart-heart-wrenching episode below.

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