Tom and the crew open the show talking about the some positive and not-so-great headlines of the weekend. On the positive side, the crew sends their congratulations to Serena Williams on her French Open win and Cicely Tyson for her Tony win.Β  On the other hand, the crew talk about the fates of Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife Sandi before discussing the George Zimmerman trial.

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One thought on “Poor Jesse Jackson Jr.!- TOP OF THE MORNIN’

  1. Harold T on said:

    Where are the real people of Chicago trying to eliminate corruption?
    Jesse Jr was raised by a supposed preacher, learning right from wrong at an early age. At least that’s what we thought.
    His father has been keeping black people down his entire career. Instead of telling people to get off their butts and work for what they desire,
    Mr Jackson Sr has been telling them they are owed everything from the government.
    Guess what, we–all of us taxpayers–pay the bills for those that sit on their butts and do nothing but drugs and alcohol.
    So in reality Jesse Jr has been conditioned to take what he wants without regard for others and the consequences.
    Mrs JJ jr, Sandy, also knew right from wrong but chose not to follow the righteous path as well.
    She was a servant (supposedly) of the citizens of Chicago. She was not hired to steal or put forth a criminal persona. We send those people to jail when and if they are caught. And they were caught!
    They were both caught, and being elected officials should be held to a higher standard. Neither of them deserves or warrants leniency. They chose to act illegally, even though they were supposed to take care of the public trust. They knew the consequences of their actions, and both should receive the harshest penalties allowed by law. They should both attend prison at the same time with no schedule accommodation for children since they performed the illegal acts after parenting their children, while they were supposed to be setting a good example.
    The government should set the right example, so their children realize that mom and dad are not appropriate examples of society.
    Being that they were both elected officials their punishment should be double the maximum allowed by law.
    Maybe then our political system could get rid of the constant self serving politicians we currently have.
    Forgiveness should come after their punishment is served, not before.

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